about wphco

A Bit About the WPHCO Crew

We are a small group of full time web masters who manage a number of websites, some personal, some client & most business related. We are self taught when it comes to well, pretty much everything. Entrepreneurs out of the womb, we’ve been steadfast swimming through code, web design and development for roughly 6 years now. What started out as creating a web presence for one of our own small business ventures, quickly turned into a full on love fest of the entire industry.

Funny enough, we actually started our web master/design/development craze with non-other than ‘Flash’ based websites. “We liked the look of it, and figured it was the way of the future”. Needless to say, we quickly became skilled in most back-end html, php & flash based skills. However, we also quickly learned the necessity of SEO when it comes to any web related project and the lack thereof regarding flash. Thus, we dug our heels deep into WordPress and haven’t ‘let up’ to this day.

Our Mission With WordPress Hosting Co.

It’s simple, our goal with WPHCO is to provide newbies and advanced users alike with some of the best WordPress and Non-Wordpress based web hosting options available on the market by way of extensive web hosting reviews and large web hosting savings view coupons, promotions and discounts. Additionally, we’ll be continually posting articles about the best WordPress plugins, themes & a ton of other general web design and development related material.