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What Are The Best WordPress Hosting Companies

First, let’s take a moment to better familiarize ourselves with the generally accepted main types of WordPress hosting. WordPress hosting can essentially be broken down into Shared, Custom WP and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. In the same order, each hosting type varies (sometimes significantly) in relation to it’s available and potential size, speed, control & support. Lastly, while many WordPress hosting companies and or plans offer a number of different options, we have categorized them according to what we feel is their best type or best niche section of hosting between the following categories: Custom WordPress Hosting, Shared WordPress Hosting, Cheap WordPress Hosting and VPS & Cloud WordPress Hosting.

Shared WordPress Hosting:
Shared WordPress hosting refers to shared space (occupied by any number of users and platforms) on a designated server in which the hosting company has allocated a finite amount of storage space, data usage and options for each user. Shared hosting is typically the cheapest WordPress hosting options and is great for single blogs, small business websites and the like. Shared hosting also typically features the smallest amount of bandwidth and is not usually privileged to exceptional speeds or additional options to manage your systems and grow on the fly. Essentially Shared WordPress hosting is a base solution and can be used to build a blog’s or small business’s foundation on.

Custom WordPress Hosting:
The new trend among many leading hosting companies is to offer Custom WordPress hosting solutions to meet the ever growing demand of WordPress users. Hosting companies have realized the custom needs for many emerging brands/companies utilizing the WordPress platform and are essentially developing solutions to perfectly meet those demands. While Custom WordPress hosting is slightly more expensive than Shared hosting, the benefits are vast. Not only does one benefit from increased website speed and storage space while implementing a Custom WordPress hosting option, in many cases they have the assurance that a certified team of professionals is monitoring their servers and tweaking them to best match their website hosting needs even as for example, the website is drastically increasing in web traffic.

VPS & Cloud WordPress Hosting:
VPS & Cloud WordPress Hosting refers to website owners or website IT teams having complete control of their rented server, supplying them with root access. In most cases, this is the equivalent of renting out actual servers and configuring them how you see fit, usually within at least some standard system guidelines but certainly those who are after bare bones development will find it with the many modern VPS hosting options. VPS WordPress hosting is mainly geared for those websites who already have a ton of traffic and understand the need for priority handling of server related maintenance and security. Any e-commerce driven websites with a large number of products most certainly need to use VPS hosting to make certain that no matter how many visitors are browsing your website, they all experience blazing fast load times. For those who would rather spend time working on their actual businesses and not running security scans or optimizing databases, consider opting for a fully managed VPS hosting option and letting the pros worry about your IT. It should also be noted that most VPS hosting providers pack all of their latest technology into these servers, making them that much more enticing to work with as the speed and storage space is literally unmatched.

All The Best WordPress Hosting Coupons & Reviews

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How To Choose The Best WordPress Hosting Plan

Navigating through the many different available hosting companies can be quite a task. Below you’ll find what we think are the top factors in picking the right host for your website.

  • Monthly Budget: Obviously, the biggest factor for most of us is our actual budget that we can allocate towards hosting costs. For start-up’s that can easily handle a premium WordPress Managed hosting plan in the $30/MO range, you’re pretty much set with a number of options including a WPEngine plan or Media Temple WordPress hosting plan. For those of you who are literally pinching every penny in your online venture, starting out with a shared plan is usually the most economical solution. Basic plans like A Small Orange Shared for $5/MO is a great place to start. Just keep in mind that you can always upgrade your hosting plan down the road and most hosting companies are more than happy to help you migrate your files to the new server(s).
  • Number of Domains: How many domains do you need to host? More importantly, how many domains are you actually going to be building or developing? Most likely, you have a number of domains that are just fine without building a website on them or parking them until their ready for your full attention. However, those one or two projects that you’ve been dying to develop or build probably deserve your attention first. Thus, rather than using a shared hosting plan that you can indeed host 20 different websites or blogs through, consider using a premier hosting plan for that or those immediate projects that you’ll be able to spend the majority of your time on.
  • Technical Knowledge: Perhaps one of the most important factors in determining what hosting plan and or company to choose the the amount of technical skill or knowledge your or your webmaster has. It is of the utmost importance to fully explore exactly what managing your server will entail. In many cases, Managed WordPress hosting options are setup to be as simple as possible for any level of technical knowledge as the experts behind those hosting plans 9 times out of 10 take care of everything for you. One of the best things that you can do (if you do only have limited technical knowledge of managing a server), is to reach out and chat with your potential provider before hand and flat out ask if they’ll walk you through every step of the way or if they require you to do most of the heavy lifting yourself. On a side note, most hosting companies now days feature relatively easy to use cpanels that you can quickly figure out how to manage.
  • Traffic Levels: How much traffic does your current website or blog get? How much traffic do you expect your website or blog to get within the next few months? Many times hosting plans feature way more than enough requirements to easily handle a large amount of visitors. This is however certainly something to keep your eye on as you grow your monthly traffic. Obviously, cheaper hosting options cater to smaller sites/traffic levels and more expensive options cater to those needing a setup for larger sites/traffic levels. The trick is to find a plan that can grow with your actual website or blog. This way, when you are experiencing growth, your current hosting plan will withstand it until you can ultimately upgrade to the next level hosting option.
  • Growth Strategy: What is absolutely necessary for your website(s) or blog(s) and what hosting plan or company will be ideal for adjusting accordingly when you reach your growth goals? Fortunately, as mentioned above, most hosting companies offer a wide array of plans that you can easily switch to as necessary when traffic and storage space issues arise. However, we would like to point out that a number of cheaper hosting options aren’t worth getting into because you’ll need to quickly switch out of them and perhaps to a different hosting company all together as soon as you reach descent levels of traffic. The best bet for most webmasters who are starting out is to choose either a custom WordPress hosting plan or advanced shared plan similar to Media Temple’s Grid option and then transfer to a more advanced dedicated or VPS plan that can much easily handle your growing website or blog.


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