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For September, 2020 utilize our Partner Level HostGator Coupon Codes to save the most money possible on your new HostGator Web Hosting plan. Through our exclusive offer you are granted 25% savings off any HostGator plan that is available. Use the coupon code that is revealed to you at your checkout to save that 25% off your signup; you’re welcome!

exclusive hostgator coupon for Shared Hatchling25% off HostGator Coupon Shared Hatchling
Shared Hatchling HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator coupon for Shared Baby25% off HostGator Coupon Shared Baby
Shared Baby HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator promo code for Shared Business25% off HostGator Coupon Shared Business
Shared Business HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator promo code for VPS Snappy 50025% off HostGator Coupon VPS Snappy 500
VPS Snappy 500 HostGator Coupon 25% off.
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VPS Snappy 1000 HostGator Coupon 25% off.
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VPS Snappy 2000 HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator coupon for VPS Snappy 400025% off HostGator Coupon VPS Snappy 4000
VPS Snappy 4000 HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator coupon for VPS Snappy 800025% off HostGator Coupon VPS Snappy 8000
VPS Snappy 8000 HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator coupon for Dedicated Basic25% off HostGator Coupon Dedicated Basic
Dedicated Basic HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator coupon for Dedicated Standard25% off HostGator Coupon Dedicated Standard
Dedicated Standard HostGator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator coupon for Dedicated Elite25% off HostGator Coupon Dedicated Elite
Dedicated Elite Hostgator Coupon 25% off.
exclusive hostgator coupon for Dedicated Pro25% off HostGator Coupon Dedicated Pro
Dedicated Pro HostGator Coupon 25% off.

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Exclusive HostGator Coupon Code Savings

hostgator coupon logoTake advantage of our exclusive HostGator Coupon Codes to ensure you’re getting the latest possible deals, special offers, promos or discounts! Through our coupon codes we have the latest promos of which you can save on your HG signup. HostGator is known to offer promos each and every month.
If you’re interested in learning more about all the different levels of their hosting plans, check out our Hostgator Shared Hosting Review, Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review, Hostgator Cloud Hosting Review, Hostgator VPS Hosting Review, and our Hostgator Dedicated Hosting Review. If you’d like to simply learn more about the HostGator Company, check out our HostGator Company Review.

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Get 25% Off Hosting Shared HostGator Coupon:

Use this HostGator Coupon Code to save 25% from Hatchling, Baby, or Business of the Shared package. After you click a coupon code and it launches the HostGator site, the shared hosting is located the first time you click the web hosting tab. It doesn’t say shared anywhere except on the url to indicate they are indeed the shared plans. A shared plan could be excellent for bloggers, business owners, startup companies, or sometimes shared plans are used by expert web developers. Now could be a perfect time to signup with HostGator to host your e-commerce website for example and for cheap! HostGator has really nice low rates with even the business plan just over 10 dollars a month. These deals may be available for a limited time and may change or disappear. Be sure to get started today to lock in the savings while you can!

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Get 25% Off Hosting VPS HostGator Coupon:

Big discount of 25% Off your signup for any VPS plan only for a limited time. What is VPS and why does it cost more and sometimes significantly more than comparable Shared plan? VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. There’s a lot of differences but what is most important is that VPS will run smoother and more stable and loads pages much faster in terms of milliseconds than a shared plan. Basically VPS is private space on a server and costs more money and performs better. VPS is a premium web hosting service. HostGator’s VPS will have your pages loading super quick that is noticeable to all users and visitors this is why they called their VPS hosting packages “Snappy”. Snappy 500, Snappy 1000, Snappy 2000, Snappy 4000, and Snappy 8000 all qualify for our 25% off VPS HostGator Coupon.

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Get 25% Off Hosting Dedicated HostGator Coupon:

Get 25% off your signup for any Dedicated plan for a limited time. Don’t know what dedicated is and why it costs a lot more? We like to reference Dedicated plans as the major leagues of web hosting designed really only for professionals looking to get the most possible resources to power their complex sites. Right now HostGator is allowing this 25% signup discount from any of their Dedicated plans: Dedicated Basic package, Dedicated Standard package, Dedicated Elite package, and Dedicated Pro package. HostGator is a huge name in web hosting today, about as big as GoDaddy. They seem to have a winning formula so you won’t regret choosing HostGator for your Dedicated hosting package knowing they will provide what you need. Please use a HostGator Coupon for your Dedicated plan today and save an extra 25%.

HostGator Coupon Code Instructions

Using our HostGator Coupon Code is extremely easy. All you literally need to do is locate the special offer you’d like to use at the top of this page and click on the corresponding black button that says, ‘Show Coupon Code’. This will open a new tab in your browser, which will be the official HostGator website. Next, all you have to do is click back on our website which will now display the actual coupon code that you’ll then copy and paste or simply type in during the checkout process. You don’t have to use the specific HG tab that our box opens, you can use the code in any tab or frankly whenever you are ready to checkout with your new hosting service. You will notice success of the discount code being applied on the far right of the page and it will show the percentage off that you will be receiving so you know it has applied.

How To Use Our HostGator Coupon Code:

  • Locate the HostGator Coupon that you’d like to use at the top of this page.
  • Click the corresponding show coupon code button.
  • Checkout at the official HostGator website that pops up.
  • Enter our HostGator Coupon Code in the apply discount/promo/coupon box.
  • Complete the transaction.

Better Understanding Hosting Options

New to the entire concept of web hosting? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only one, in fact, at some point, we’ve all been there (not knowing which end is up concerning databases, files, folders or frankly what hosting option should be used for the project). However, when you break it down, it’s very simple. In a nutshell, think of your host as the place where you will be storing your website (which consists of files and folders), that can then be used online for the world to view. Web hosting comes in many different shapes and sizes. Not like all web host companies HostGator actually offers a very wide variety of hosting options all under the same roof. For example, many start-up websites don’t need a lot of bandwidth or storage space, so they start with the cheapest solution possible usually with a shared plan. However, as they grow in size and traffic, it becomes clear that they’ll need more storage space and more bandwidth to sustain the growth. Again, the great thing about HG is that you can literally start with their reliable shared hosting and when you’re ready to transition to the next step up, you can easily transfer to a new package with higher limitations as you need them. This is of course opposed to having to go through an entirely different hosting provider just because your original host only offers limited options.

HostGator Company Overview

So where is HostGator coming from? HostGator was founded in 2002. In 2007 the company moved from Boca Raton, FL to Houston Texas into a 20,000 square ft office building. They host over 9 million domains. Like so many of the web hosting companies after they get so big they get bought by EIG and HostGator is no exception. This however is by no means a bad thing from the customer’s standpoint as it means things like the billing for example is more professionally handled and controlled. Hostgator has expanded and now has an international head office and data centers in India. Its head office in India is located in Nashik, Maharashtra.

At WPHCO we have reviews for all your popular web hosting companies even some new hot web hosts as we provide not only the reviews but the Coupons updated frequently for allowing you a great discount off any signup. Feel free to browse our selection of coupons from the very top in the blue just click Coupons for our directory of web hosts to choose from.

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