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Use our Partner Level Site5 Coupon for August 2018. At this time Site5 has provided us with exclusive coupon codes for 1 dollar first month Managed VPS2 plan which works for any term signup including one month, quarterly, annual etc. The code only works for Managed VPS2, not unmanaged VPS2. Site5 has also issued us another coupon code for free trial good for Site5 web hosting, reseller and cloud hosting plans.

Site5 Coupon VPS2 for $1Managed VPS2 for $1 first month!
Any term Managed VPS2 plan pay $1 for first month by this code
Site5 Coupon Free 30 day trialFree 30 Day Trial Period
Free for 30 days or 1 free month annual plans
Site5 Coupon FREE DomainFree Domain
Free Domain for Shared or Reseller
Site5 Coupon Shared hostBasic20% off Shared hostBasic
Shared hostBasic Site5 Coupon save 20%.
Site5 Coupon Code shared hostpro20% off Shared hostPro
Shared hostPro Site5 Coupon save 20%.
Site5 Discount Code shared Hostpro turbo20% off Shared hostPro + Turbo
HostPro Turbo Site5 Coupon save 20%.
Site5 Promo Code Exclusive for Cloud Plus20% off Cloud Plus
Cloud Plus Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Cloud Advanced20% off Cloud Advanced
Cloud Advanced Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Cloud Premium20% off Cloud Premium
Cloud Premium Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Managed VPS220% off Managed VPS2
Managed VPS2 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
Site5 Coupon for Managed VPS320% off Managed VPS3
Managed VPS3 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Managed VPS420% off Managed VPS4
Managed VPS4 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for VPS520% off Managed VPS5
Managed VPS5 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for VPS620% off Managed VPS6
Managed VPS6 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for VPS7 20% off Managed VPS7
Managed VPS7 save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Managed VPS820% off Managed VPS8
Managed VPS8 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Managed VPS920% off Managed VPS9
Managed VPS9 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Managed VPS1020% off Managed VPS10
Managed VPS10 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon discount for VPS1120% off Managed VPS11
Managed VPS11 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for UVPS120% off Unmanaged UVPS1
Unmanaged UVPS1 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for UVPS220% off Unmanaged UVPS2
Unmanaged UVPS2 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for UVPS320% off Unmanaged UVPS3
Unmanaged UVPS3 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for UVPS420% off Unmanaged UVPS4
Unmanaged UVPS4 save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Unmanaged UVPS520% off Unmanaged UVPS5
Unmanaged UVPS5 save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Unmanaged UVPS620% off Unmanaged UVPS6
Unmanaged UVPS6 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon for Unmanaged UVPS720% off Unmanaged UVPS7
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exclusive Site5 Coupon for Unmanaged UVPS820% off Unmanaged UVPS8
Unmanaged UVPS8 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon discount for Unmanaged UVPS920% off Unmanaged UVPS9
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exclusive Site5 Coupon for Unmanaged UVPS1120% off Unmanaged UVPS11
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exclusive Site5 Coupon for Cloud CVPS120% off Cloud CVPS1
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exclusive Site5 Coupon for Cloud CVPS220% off Cloud CVPS2
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exclusive Site5 Coupon Savings for CVPS320% off Cloud CVPS3
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exclusive Site5 Coupon savings for Cloud CVPS420% off Cloud CVPS4
Cloud CVPS4 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon savings for CVPS520% off Cloud CVPS5
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exclusive Site5 Coupon discount for CVPS620% off Cloud CVPS6
Cloud CVPS6 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon discount for Cloud CVPS720% off Cloud CVPS7
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exclusive Site5 Coupon savings for CVPS820% off Cloud CVPS8
Cloud CVPS8 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon hosting discount for CVPS920% off Cloud CVPS9
Cloud CVPS9 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon discount for CVPS1020% off Cloud CVPS10
Cloud CVPS10 Site5 Coupon save 20%.
exclusive Site5 Coupon big discount for Cloud CVPS1120% off Cloud CVPS11
Cloud CVPS11 Site5 Coupon save 20%.

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Exclusive Site5 Coupon Code Savings

Site5 Coupon logo big savingsTake advantage of our exclusive Site5 Coupon Codes and Site5 Promo Codes to save big on any plan you want. As an affiliate of Site5 as well as all major host providers we receive the latest offers and update them here periodically so you don’t need to look any further to get the best deal than right here. Not only have we made it easy for you to get the latest Site5 Coupon but we provide this extra content to help you make more informed decisions on choosing the right plan for your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about all the different levels of their hosting plans, check out our Site5 VPS Hosting Review, Site5 Managed VPS Hosting Review, Site5 Cloud VPS Review, Site5 Cloud Hosting Review, Site5 WordPress Hosting Review, and our Site5 Shared Hosting Review. If you’d like to simply learn more about the Site5 Hosting Company, check out our Site5 Company Review.

Site5 Coupon for shared hosting

Get 20% off all Shared Hosting:

Use this Site5 Coupon Code to save 20% off on your signup of Shared hostBasic, hostPro, or hostPro+Turbo. Whether you need hosting for multiple sites or just one or you are just starting your first blog, website or doing an e-commerce website, now is the perfect time to begin at Site5. For a limited time only, you’ll receive a 20% discount when you sign up using any of our Shared plan Site5 Coupon codes. These are limited time offers. Be sure to get started today to lock in the savings while you still can! If you’re not sure what a shared plan is think of it as the generic one which is popular and cheaper. A good rule of thumb when getting your first hosting package is first get a shared plan to start off with either for one site only or for multiple sites in the package limitations just to see how your site performs and if it’s not satisfactory just upgrade or alter the package within the 45 day period. Site5 has a 15 day satisfaction or your money back period.

Site5 Coupon for cloud hosting save most

Get 20% off all Cloud Hosting Site5 Coupon:

Right now use our Partner Level Site5 Coupon Code to save 20% on a new Cloud Hosting signup of any level. You may want to go with a Cloud plan if you have experienced a Shared and was not satisfied with it but cannot afford VPS at this time. Cloud plans can offer similar performance as VPS but often for less money as VPS. Cloud uses clusters of servers to handle your website in a way that makes it higher prioritized than on a simple Shared plan. The entry level Cloud plan from Site5 is less than half the cost of their entry level VPS plan. Just remember websites are not created equal so while a shared plan may suffice for so many websites online particularly for sites that are of less value or do not generate a significant amount of traffic a shared plan does not suffice for other sites demanding more resources to make it run better in the form of an upgraded package on either a Cloud or VPS from Site5.

Site5 Coupon for vps web hosting biggest discount

Take 20% off any VPS plan:

For a limited time Site5 is allowing a 20% discount on every featured plan from above including all VPS and more affordable unmanaged VPS (UVPS) plans. Please take advantage of this great savings while it’s still available now. When you choose a VPS or UVPS plan through Site5 you are getting some of the best quality service that they provide on their best servers although it will cost you more so you may need to decide if it’s worth it or not. For individuals who have experienced slow loading on a shared plan than they may already know that UVPS or VPS is an upgrade worth doing for their valuable site. Entry level plans of UVPS and Cloud are about the same price while entry level managed VPS is about twice the cost. Again you just need to decide if the extra cost is going to be worth the difference in the specs. Please see our Site5 review pages if you need help determining your ideal new hosting plan.

Site5 Coupon Code Instructions

  • 1. Scroll up to the top of this page and select the specific Site5 Coupon Code that you’d like to take advantage of and click the corresponding ‘Show Coupon Code’ button.
  • 2. A new window will open in your browser which is the Site5 website. Select your hosting options from the top window on the tab selectors in the black area. They turn red when you hover to them.
  • 3. After you select the type of hosting you will be in “plans and features”. You will be given more options to customize your plan which changes the price. Be mindful of all the options to ensure it’s what you need and that you stay within your budget. Change any option by clicking. When set click buy now. If you’re using a coupon code you may not yet see your discount. The Site5 Coupon code you will input on the next page that loads. See video for reference.
  • 4. When you get to domain name you should notice your applied coupon to the right under order summary. Click next. Then you add your info and place your order. Congratulations on getting Site5 Hosting.

How To Use Our Site5 Hosting Coupon:

Using our Coupon Code is extremely easy. All you literally need to do is locate the special offer you’d like to use at the top of this page and click on the corresponding black button that says, ‘Show Coupon Code’. This will open a new tab in your browser, which will be the official Site5 website. Next, all you have to do is click back on our website which will now display the actual coupon code that you’ll then copy and paste or simply type in during the checkout process. You don’t have to use the specific Site5 tab that our box opens, you can use the code in any tab or frankly whenever you are ready to checkout with your new hosting service. You will notice success of the discount code being applied on the far right of the page and it will distinctly show the percentage off that you will be receiving.

How To Use Our Coupon Code:

  • Locate the Coupon that you’d like to use at the top of this page.
  • Click the corresponding show coupon code button.
  • Checkout at the Site5 website.
  • On the bottom of Step 1 Enter our provided Coupon Code.
  • Complete the transaction.

Better Understanding Site5 Web Hosting Options

New to the entire concept of web hosting? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only one, in fact, at some point, we’ve all been there (not knowing which end is up concerning databases, files, folders or frankly what hosting option should be used for the project). However, when you break it down, it’s very simple. In a nutshell, think of your host as the place where you will be storing your website (which consists of files and folders), that can then be used online for the world to view. Web hosting comes in many different shapes and sizes. Site5 happens to offer a very wide variety of hosting options all under the same roof. For example, many start-up websites don’t need a lot of bandwidth or storage space, so they start with the cheapest solution possible. However, as they grow in size and traffic, it becomes clear that they’ll need more storage space and more bandwidth to sustain the growth. Again, the great thing about Site5 is that you can literally start with their reliable shared or Cloud hosting options and when you’re ready to transition to the next step up, you can easily transfer to UVPS or (premium) VPS for example. This is of course opposed to having to go through an entirely different hosting provider just because your original host only offers limited options.

Why go to Site5

Site5 is not the cheapest option out there however they have established an excellent track record doing business since 1999. They do not outsource customer support so anytime you call Site5 you will be talking with support from the USA. They claim to have a low number of clients distributed across their entire servers infrastructure for better performance to all the clients. This does seem to be a logical strategy and makes a lot of sense whereas GoDaddy and BlueHost don’t necessarily utilize the same strategy perhaps because they have become so hugely popular. When you sign up for a plan through Site5 you get to pick the optimal server location nearest you out of many choices in the continental USA and even do a speed test from it whilst choosing! That we found to be a really cool feature that we wished all the hosts did so that you don’t make a mistake of choosing a primary data center with a slow speed to run your site. Site5 has a ton of hosting packages for instance with their Managed VPS with 10 different choices, unmanaged VPS with 11 choices, and Cloud VPS with 11 choices it’s like they offer a sweet spot to cater to everyones needs as if each new plan is another gear on your 10 speed bike. It is confusing and overwhelming to see that many choices when you don’t yet know what you need however they will let you know what you need and whether or not you need to upgrade your plan to achieve what you want out of your site therefore you can start with your best guess. In web hosting it’s better generally to go with a smaller plan first to assess before paying more for a larger plan until you know you need it.

Site5 VPS compared to UVPS Performance

Have you already experienced a shared plan and thought the performance was lacking maybe slow loading of your pages or too much loading time between clicks? We’ve been there. VPS is a totally different hosting package and may just solve your problem. The great news is VPS has been made affordable at Site5 with their UVPS packages. It’s unmanaged so it will not perform quite as well as Managed VPS however it still is operating as a virtual private server which means your site gets dedication not performed when on a Cloud or even a Shared Hosting package. If a VPS is a V10 engine, than UVPS is a V8, Cloud is a V6 and Shared is a 4 banger. Keep in mind that any of the plans can be upgraded in order to get better performance out of them and Site5 allows you to upgrade on an as needed basis.

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