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Hosting specifically for wordpress

Nowadays, nearly every hosting provider on the web offers users the ability to host their WordPress website. However, as Google continues it’s strive towards web perfection, no website detail is to be overlooked, especially speed and the ability to handle dynamic traffic. Therefore, paying a premium for WordPress hosting is the new minimum requirement to be considered for top rankings.

Must have wordpress plugins

For the average webmaster and or small business owner, the WordPress platform is a phenomenal option to develop their web presence. One of the many reasons WordPress is such a great option for the majority of novices are plugins. Plugins give WordPress website managers the ability to add dimension and value to their websites in an evolving manner. Over our tenure in web marketing, we’ve come to find a certain number of plugins indispensable.

WordPress themes & development

Another primary reason why WordPress is such a phenomenal option for novice & experienced webmasters alike is the platforms use of themes. Whether you want the bare bone basics or a completely custom design, WordPress is one of the best frameworks to easily achieve your web vision.

everything hosting and wordpress all in one place

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