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Welcome to our 1and1 Hosting Review a holistic 1&1 Review of the company and their services as it pertains in the web hosting world. We hope you’ll find it the best 1and1 Review that is presently published. 1&1 like their logo shows it or 1and1 how their domain shows it is a web hosting company and domain registrar that began providing hosting in the United States in the year 2003. 1and1 was originally founded in 1988 as a T-Mobile business. In the year 2000 1&1 opened a UK office. Ralph Dommermuth was the original founder and currently Robert Hoffmann is CEO. 1and1 claims to be using data centers across 10 countries in United States, Mexico, Spain, Great Britian, France, Austria, Poland, Canada, Italy and Germany.

1and1 has over 7,000 employees worldwide and hosts over 19 million domain names. In 2008, 1and1 established 55,000 sq. ft data center named KC Data Center in Lenexa, KS USA which houses 860 racks. 1&1 has US headquarters in Chesterbrook, PA. 1&1 has approximately 70,000 servers in the US. In a statement released prior to completing the KC data center, 1&1 stated that the new KC data center will provide “low latency connection for all points in North America.” In 2013 1&1 opened office in Mexico City and began providing its hosting services to Mexico. 1and1 also claims to have green data centers in the USA and Europe meaning they take necessary steps to put power back on the grid and leave minimal carbon footprint. 1and1 has “seven state of the art air conditioned data centers with Steel-reinforced walls, 24 hour surveillance, and Interruption-free power supply due to emergency diesel generators and plumb gel batteries.” With their impressive infrastructure it’s not surprising that they guarantee “nearly 100% uptime.”

1and1 Hosting Review of Pros & Cons

1and1 hosting reviews and customer testimonialsTheir infrastructure and pricing is very impressive.
We really could not find one thing to complain about or articulate in a negative sense any thing with 1and1:

1and1 Hosting Pros

  • Choose optimal hosting locations all over the world
  • Prices not only attractive but enticing
  • They offer and have more than what most people will need
  • All hosting solutions are found at 1&1
  • Pristine looking — everything — including their user agreement
  • WordPress Specific Plans
  • Design your own site without code
1and1 Hosting Cons

  • None

1and1 Hosting Review Summary

Where are all main data centers located? Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Metro Kansas, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Metro Frankfurt, Munich, Metro Karlsruhe. 1and1 data centers are configured with redundant connections comprising an “internet hub for faster loading times.” Each month 1and1 servers transfer about 9,000 terabytes of data. The hosting services provided by 1&1 include Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated. 1and1 also has exclusive WordPress packages. The entry level WordPress plan is cheaper than any we’ve ever seen at under a dollar a month for the first year. The other two WordPress plans cost under 5 and 10 dollars a month. 1and1 has a Click & Build Platform within their WordPress services to automatically do things you would otherwise have to do on your own in selecting or buying other WordPress themes plugins and widgets.

For those that don’t choose to freenlance using WordPress but are looking to take advantage of their provided MyWebsite’s custom web design toolkit with over 300 web aps, there are ready to customize templates made from either Joomla or WordPress. This allows you to select different templates and drag and drop objects and images without staring at code so anyone can build a site. You also get a newsletter tool so you can send advertisements of your products and services to your subscribers and customers. And 1&1 provides a social media tie-in for those that are interested. 1and1 states that their design software as well as their servers should help with site ranking in search results.

In 2006 1and1 determined that it had hosted more websites than any other company in Germany and the United Kingdom, and that it ranked top 7 largest in the United States. 1and1 is a web hosting company and domain registrar where you can currently register your domain name for under a dollar. They also provide unique website building services in which they handle the designing or they sell optional web host building templates. We as developers of course do not have to use them if we don’t want to and continue to use something else to make our sites such as WordPress to build our websites and simply purchase the hosting through 1and1. 1and1 has available 24/7 phone or email support.

1and1 has had a clever 1&1 principles emblem stating some of their important core principles correlated to why the name 1and1. It currently reads 1 trial, 1 month, 1 click, 1 call, 1 secure choice. This is an attractive approach in advertisement and gives customers a fool-proof sense of what the hosting company stands for and why it’s called 1 and 1. As they continue to update their principles over time, surely they will not run out of principles. There is surely a lot to be inferred by the 1and1 principles in a positive light and it’s very clever marketing of which they get high points for. Other hosts have not thought of something as clean or clever looking for their marketing strategy at 1&1.

Another thing they give you is an option to show a SiteLock Trust Seal to show visitors their data is secure. Now let’s talk about pricing. It’s cheap and even extremely cheap. For the basic hosting package its under a dollar a month with packages that go up from there. It’s less cost than anything you will find at 1and1. It seems crazy that the price is so low for everything you automatically get at 1and1 and you wonder where they make their money. Perhaps it is the higher end services the Performance hosting plans (VPS) and Dedicated are where they make their profits. Apparently their strategies including very low pricing has been working for them since they are now one of the largest web hosting providers in the world.

1and1 hosting review summary
We cannot find anything bad to say about 1and1. Even their user agreement for which we normally find something to gripe about has nothing that is misleading or confusing or less than fair as far as we can tell. Weighing everything (including) being that these guys also do a lot of stuff with WordPress and offer a lot of free WordPress templates even make websites that are mobile phone accessable, this host gets the green light from WPHCO and all stars without taking away anything. We may just try 1and1 in the future which cannot be said about many of the other hosts particularly after reading into other’s user agreements and cancellation terms.

The infrastructure at 1and1 is particularly impressive. We think that 1and1 would be one of the best choices for most professionals out of choosing between many different web hosting providers. We have rated them a full 5 out of 5 on our 1and1 Coupon page. Out of all the web hosting companies we have reviewed only two got a perfect 5/5: Flywheel, a WordPress only host, and 1and1. With 1and1 this is because of the overall value weighing everything you get and getting the biggest bang for your dollars.

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