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A Small Orange is a web hosting company headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. They were founded in Atlanta back in 2004. They are a well-marketed web hosting company known for their simplistic orange themed pictures but what makes ASO a different type of host is how they have taken a much different approach in their style of hosting and customer acquisitions indicative even in the name itself: “A Small Orange,” with small being the keyword.

Now they have grown as a company and were bought by EIG back in 2010 and contracted to continue to operate autonomously so they have seen a lot of success and are no longer small. However even today they have a low number of employees in relation to their top competitors. They have more than 25 employees but even WPEngine a WordPress only Host that founded in 2010 6 years after A Small Orange has over 300 employees and plenty of pictures and videos to prove it.

But let’s not be too quick to fault A Small Orange on aspects about the number of workers or even the actual size of the company in other aspects; we advise against using that as a deciding factor because as you well know you can get professional level service going to local mom and pop shop such as a hardware store when you see the right handyman to give you good advice and who directs you to the item you need.

And when you receive your service from someone who cares to that extent to ensure you are matched up with just what you need, both you and he or she will both be satisfied with the transaction and feel good about it. A return is also less likely to happen. This is not usually the case if you go to a big box store like a Walmart where you are not likely to get that level of service. The same can be said to an extent with web hosting.

Now we are not suggesting that today A Small Orange is a small web hosting company because they are not actually small. They have a reported more than 10 data centers around the world. The biggest A Small Orange US based data centers are in Dallas, Texas and Dearborn, Michigan.

But A Small Orange has a different business model. ASO advertises that they value customer relationships highly. In a statement made on their website, A Small Orange has the mentality that you should “only pay for the resources that you need.” And this is the same mentality as what most customers want out of our web Hosting, even with beginners or startup commerce companies.

A Small Orange claims to have core values of People, Dependability, Integrity, and Relationships. A Small Orange also claims to be a green environmentally friendly company. What they have done is replaced electricity used to power the servers with wind power and delivered back to the power grid. The carbon emission impact of practices taken at ASO is reported to have annual impact equivalent to removing 293 vehicles from the road.

A Small Orange has a 90 day refund policy. Some hosts like WiredTree do not allow refunds under any circumstances and others will only allow money back under special circumstances. At best, we have seen hosts with 60 days money back like Eleven2 and we thought that was very generous. 90 days is a risk free trial period of 1/4 year! That is a really really long time. We can assume they would not do so if they were not confident that the majority of customers would stay with them.

They are generous at A Small Orange. If we started a web hosting company at WPHCO, we would undoubtedly take the same approach as HostNine does, in that they only allow refunds under circumstances to be determined not under all circumstances so as to ward off those that go into web hosting with pre-conceived notions to take advantage of the guarantee policies only to cancel within that time period as if using it as a free trial wasting valuable resources, costs, and time.

When we look into the pricing at A Small Orange, we see low prices everywhere. ASO may be the best place to go for a Dedicated plan for at least 1/2 the cost of most other hosts for having the benefit of undivided resources. ASO may also be the place to go for getting high performing VPS at about 1/2 the cost as many other hosts. And of course A Small Orange also has ultra low priced shared plans as well.

What do we think of the pricing at ASO? What we see with the pricing at A Small Orange is they offer a wide variety of packages for all three Shared, VPS, and Dedicated and each of them have packages that are priced lower than average. This is obviously advantageous as well as attractive to new customers.

Would we go with A Small Orange? We have not tried A Small Orange but have heard a lot of good things about them and would not hesitate to try them as the chances are good that we would be satisfied there. However we are still happy with Media Temple so we have no reason to switch providers. We hope that you have found our A Small Orange Review helpful.

A Small Orange Review of Pros & Cons

a small orange reviews and customer testimonialsWe find most of the strategies being implemented at A Small Orange are smart though they are obviously not aiming to be the next Godaddy or BlueHost with A Small Orange. The name doesn’t even portray it as such anyway so with A Small Orange there is a lot of evidence that suggest it has that “home-grown” feel, and would provide for a more individualistic hosting experience by providers that care to spend more time working with you and making sure you are happy with them. Some people look for a host already knowning that the site in which they need the hosting for is likely not going to need any support at any time and they are merely looking for reliable hosting with full up time. It seems that A Small Orange is able to be a perfect solution for both types of customers and with the benefit of being low priced it makes it a choice that it almost seems ideological not to strongly consider A Small Orange for our web hosting or to dismiss it on the premise that it does not have as many employees as others.

Previously, A Small Orange had a lot of negative reviews about the lack of phone support but this seems to have been resolved within the last few years. Still it may be something worth looking into with so many contradicting testimonials that you find on A Small Orange and any web hosting company, it would probably be worth it to call them to make sure they do pick up the phones and they will. They also provide 24-7 live chat for support but not on the weekends.

We cannot find too much wrong with A Small Orange. They do have a low number of employees for whatever that is worth so this can be seen as a bad thing but not a terrible thing for those in need of a lot of support. ASO has recently enhanced their live support and provided a live response time counter so you know exactly when to expect support. They claim to know how to deliver exceptional customer service 24/7 365.

However getting timely response may depend on how busy their call center is at any given time and on which day you need help for example on Saturday and Sunday there is no live chat available but you can still call. We have read reviews where customers received a callback in under 30 minutes. But we just want you to be aware since this is our primary A Small Orange Review that their call centers are staffed with much less support as large hosting companies. For those of you who already know you will not be using support much if at all, than this will probably not even effect your hosting experience at ASO.:

A Small Orange Pros

  • Low Prices
  • Good Company Core Values
  • 90 Days Refund Policy (1/4 year!).
  • US Based Live Chat and Phone Support
  • Primary Data Center in Michigan and Texas
  • A Green Company
A Small Orange Cons

  • Live Chat Unavailable on Weekends
  • Low Number of Employees

A Small Orange Review Summary

a small orange review summary
We understand the core values and mindset in play at A Small Orange and we commend them for being successful with this approach. A Small Orange will likely never be a huge hosting company with hundreds of thousands of customers but even the name chosen suggests that it was never intended to become that. For those that have had bad experiences with a crowded shared hosting plan from a name brand hosting company with hundreds of thousands of customers, we could see how moving to ASO could be a breath of fresh air. We do recommend A Small Orange and we have scored our Review for A Small Orange which is shown on our A Small Orange Coupon page. There you can also sign up through an exclusive coupon to save money off any signup at A Small Orange.

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