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Welcome to our A2 Hosting Review. This is an overall review of the company A2 as it pertains to its web hosting services. A2 is a web hosting company based in Ann Arbor Michigan home of the Wolverines launched in 2001. They are one of the few web hosting companies that is not owned by EIG. They seem to have a young and hip theme going on with green colors. They used to use bright green colors but lately they seemed to have tamed it down a bit. The web hosting services offered at A2 are Cloud, VPS, Managed VPS, and Dedicated. A2 also has WordPress specific packages when you scroll to the bottom of their homepage. A2 has data centers in Southfield Michigan, Amsterdam, and Singapore. With this, their infrastructure seems relatively small. In their marketing they are constantly selling you on speed claiming to be fast. Testing their marketing claims will undoubtedly depend on what plan is selected and the requirements for your site. We won’t waste more of your time in mentioning what you may want to know now which is that A2 has some of the best VPS pricing you can get starting at $5 a month. VPS is what you need to get when you need more performance than shared/cloud can offer your site and you do not yet need an entire Dedicated Server.

A2 has done some things to their credit for being recognized as a green company. They have taken a “FutureServe Green Hosting initiative” and use geo-thermal cooling in their data centers. From our understanding of geo-thermal, they drill very deep into the ground. It’s expensive but the benefit is in the year round heating and cooling where temperature does not vary much and is almost constantly 50 degrees and they add heat pumps and thermostats. Using geothermal in this way reduces energy consumption greatly and reduces or eliminates the need for natural gas or propane heating during cold season. Those who use geothermal in this way can heat their entire homes or businesses such as the case with A2 to control the temperature where all the servers are running. A2 is also a partner of Carbonfund.org to battle against global climate change.

A2 Hosting Review of Pros & Cons

a2 hosting reviews and customer testimonialsWith their green color scheme and green initiatives such as using geothermal energy along with references to The Matrix trilogy, A2 is an easy company to like. We have not officially tried A2 but as per our requirements we are pretty sure that A2 could meet them if we ever needed them to.

So A2 seems like a decent choice as far as pricing and the amount of hosting options to choose from. A2 is designed for developers who already know what they are doing and simply need hosting. They do not include free web design templates for beginners.:

A2 Hosting Pros

  • Green-practicing company – GeoThermal Energy
  • Full plethora of hosting options
  • Great priced VPS plans start at $5/mo
A2 Hosting Cons

  • limited amount of data centers
  • lacking free web design templates

A2 Hosting Review Summary

a2 hosting review summary
Unlike GreenGeeks and our favorite host 1and1, A2 does not provide free web design templates. If you purchase hosting you must upload your already made site because they don’t provide you with tools to create a site. This may not matter to those just looking to host their site but for those looking to make a site without the requirement of learning code and how to use complex programs you would be better off going with GreenGeeks or 1and1 and designing a site by first choosing any of their templates.

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