eleven2 hosting review
Eleven2 is a web hosting company that as of the last couple of years became a lot more popular. Eleven2 is not a new web hosting company either. They founded back in 2003 so they have maturity working in their favor. This proves they are indeed a long standing hosting company rather than a new one which means a lot to customers. At first glance of the structure in their plans while considering pricing, we can categorize them directly with Godaddy and HostMonster competitors.

Eleven2 was bought by IHNetworks in 2012. Eleven2 is not owned by EIG. Eleven2 is headquartered in Houston Texas and has office with call center in Los Angeles, California. They serve over 150,000 customers worldwide and are reported to have data centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, Singapore, and Amsterdam. Eleven2 provides shared, reseller, VPS & dedicated hosting services so they have the full spectrum of plan choices. We think Eleven2’s website has a nice modern look like all the big hosting companies although their logo and black scheme could use an update.

Aside from aesthetics which may or may not matter to people, two factors will matter and are working extremely well for Eleven2: Their extra low pricing particularly with shared plans and 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Both strike us as extremely appealing to customers. Not all web hosting providers even offer money back guarantee. Because Eleven2 has a 2 month money back guarantee it gives new customers good incentive to lessen risk factor in going with Eleven2 for their new web hosting company. This is a good length of time to get a good feel for the hosting service provided when you sign up at Eleven2.

The prices on Eleven2 basic shared packages are so low that we wonder how much they actually profit. Eleven2 has pricing as low as Siteground, an overseas web host operating in Panama not the US and lower than Godaddy. We feel that Eleven2 prices are obviously the most appealing thing to be noticed and a good incentive to go with Eleven2 for a lot of new customers. Any plan they have can make for a good fit for a startup company.

While Eleven2 still has Dedicated Enterprise for those that need the ultimate in resources and VPS for better performing, these are not their most popular packages. Shared is obviously their most popular plans and of the lowest priced ones for startup companies. They now have Shared SSD, and are about the same price as regular shared plans but supposedly faster. All and all Eleven2 has a lot of plan choices and most of them are set at very appealing very affordable prices. They cannot be making much money on their entry level plans at under 5 a month.

Perhaps part of their sales strategy is to sell mostly entry level shared, or to entice new customers with entry level shared super low prices and offer the better packages too for the sites that are too big for entry level shared or to be upgraded to later on when needed eg. VPS. But one thing is for sure, Eleven2 prices are undoubtedly attractive and lower than most.

We have been assessing hosts and dissecting aspects of their services for awhile now. One thing that we want you to be aware of when choosing any low cost shared plan from any provider is that they have complete control over the amount of resources that you get applied to your websites. The nature of shared plans means the resources are shared for all the customers. If they feel that a customer is abusing their policies they may blacklist your websites. In other words when you sign up for a shared plan especially a cheap plan you should not expect the utmost performance and reliability or you may be in for disappointment.

Eleven2 not only offers the low priced shared plans but has other higher level plans VPS and Dedicated but again obviously Shared is their lowest priced plans and their most popular plan. This is why we are being candid here in our Eleven 2 Review.

eleven2 hosting reviews

Eleven2 Hosting Review of Pros & Cons

eleven2 hosting reviews and customer testimonialsWe think that Eleven2 is worth looking into the higher end plans and obviously an Eleven2 Shared plan will be a good choice for most startup companies looking to save money. If your site does not need a lot of resources, you generally should go with a shared plan anyway. Eleven2 Shared plans are cheap and we have found plenty of positive testimonials even with these cheap plans. As with Godaddy, HostMonster, HostGator, Siteground, etc. Eleven2 is competing for your bottom dollar entry level web hosting customer. We think this is the primary customer they are marketing after and targeting. They do have higher end plans but it looks as though they specialize in offering the shared plans for very low pricing.

Eleven2 has cheap plans. This is a good thing only if you need a cheap plan. They are marketing towards the entry level customer and priced for the entry level customer.

Eleven2 Hosting Pros

  • Budget Plans
  • US Based Services and Support
  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • VPS available
  • Dedicated Available
  • Data Centers Have Backup Power
Eleven2 Hosting Cons

  • Eleven2 Marketing Could Benefit From Change

Eleven2 Hosting Review Summary

eleven2 hosting review summary
So Eleven2 strikes us as not only the perfect host for a startup company looking for cheap hosting but it could also serve the seasoned web professionals looking for high end plans and to save money. One thing is for certain is that the prices at Eleven2 are low low low. This is probably good though, not bad as far as we can gather. They do have a lot of good reviews and support seams good too. We could not think of any negative things to say about Eleven2 besides their logo and black color scheme which has been the same for at least that past couple years and we feel they need to get more creative about that. But when it comes to your hosting experience that will not matter one bit.

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