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Flywheel is a hosting company for those that work on developing and building sites only on the WordPress platform. Flywheel currently has data centers in New York City and San Fransisco.
They began providing hosting services in 2012 from Omaha, Nebraska. Already Flywheel has become a well known new hosting company for the community of WordPress developers. The biggest competition for Flywheel is WP Engine who is a much older and larger host also only for WordPress developers. Flywheel has similar services to WP Engine but at packages of much less cost which is favorable for the customer. For example Tiny plan at Flywheel is 15/mo while WP Engine Personal plan is 29/mo.

Flywheel provides free account signup. They offer free migration in which you don’t have to deal with importing your website as they can take care of everything if you like while moving your site to Flywheel. Flywheel states that there is no need to mess with file permissions and security settings because they have already optimized their servers to have “locked down tight” security for your website. You can talk to them about plugins and anything WordPress related and they will know what you need and help you to improve your site. This can be immensely helpful for the WordPress developer where the right themes and layout make or break a good site. The customer service that you will get from Flywheel therefore knows the ins and outs of WordPress should you need advice or help with anything when working on your sites. What’s perhaps the coolest thing about Flywheel is how they allow you to demo multiple websites without paying for them until you are ready to publish them live or until ready to transfer them to your client live. Something more is Flywheel has a new Staging Site feature in which you can keep testing and checking your work prior to publishing separate from your main production work. Flywheel makes a new restore point every night and keeps every restore point for 30 days. So in case anything ever goes awry with new changes your site can be restored. The staging feature is handy for new plugins that may have unpredictable outcomes and to try new things. If you select my client will pay later when you signup, you can begin working on your demo site right away preparing it to become production ready all FREE. Then when you are ready to make it live you can do so easily and select your package and payment terms. Most providers do not give you that much freedom for free. Flywheel does not charge overages and pledges to never shut down a site because of overage. Flywheel strikes us as a great honest hosting company whom we expect will soon become a huge hosting company.

Flywheel Hosting Review of Pros & Cons

flywheel hosting reviews and customer testimonialsBeing WordPress developers ourselves at WordPress Hosting Co, we cannot fault Flywheel for only allowing hosting to WordPress developers nonetheless it’s our one and only ‘Con’ for Flywheel. The PROS of going with Flywheel greatly outweigh the cons again when you are a WordPress developer. The costs at Flywheel are more than your average host but less than your average WordPress Hosting company. All and all they do make their pricing seem like a bargain for what you get. Their structure is built for scale-ability. Unless your site is already generating tons of traffic, you probably can befittingly and literally start from the bottom and go with a Tiny plan for a mere 15/mo and demo other websites until they are completed and you are ready to pay to host them live at which time you can upgrade your plan. The performance that you get from Flywheel is going to be much better than an average shared plan from another provider and that proof is in the pricing and customer reviews.

Our Flywheel Hosting Review of Pros and Cons

Flywheel Pros

  • Free to signup and demo new site
  • Demo up to 5 sites free
  • Custom Plans available
  • No Overage Fees
  • auto backups
  • nightly restore points
Flywheel Cons

  • WordPress Only

Flywheel Hosting Review Summary

flywheel hosting review summary
Flywheel has been providing hosting only since 2012 but they have plenty of employees and they seem to have a success strategy that is working. We hold Flywheel in high regards as they are the only web hosting company that we rated as a perfect score without flaw. In our Flywheel Coupon page we have posted our Review scoring of Flywheel a perfect 5.0 (All stars) in every category scored: Customer Support, Available Features, Website Uptime, Overall Value, Pricing, and Overall Rating. If you need good quality web hosting for your WordPress websites with the best direct and indirect support system at the best possible value and want to save time by utilizing this support, look no further than Flywheel to get your WordPress sites hosted. Asking Flywheel how to do certain things with your site is one distinct advantage you will get only with Flywheel where their WordPress experts are prepared to help you. Flywheel has a positive energy through and through that can only be explained in dealing with them directly. You get a lot for the money when you go with Flywheel. They seem to already know what customer’s want and have set things up to make it as easy as possible.

Flywheel Hosting Review Summary of Pay Per Site Plans
The pay per site plan from Flywheel is just as it is implied. When you are ready to host more than one site, you customize your plan. It’s important to note that Tiny does not come with the Multisite feature but Personal does for additional $10/mo. Flywheel plans are based on traffic where more resources are given to handle more traffic with higher level plans. The Tiny plan is a good entry level plan for a startup site which still gives you the ability to prepare other sites while actually hosting one site.

Flywheel Hosting Review Summary of Bulk Plans
Flywheel Bulk plans are for those who need hosting for lots of sites like Agencies and Resellers. With this package you disperse the resources of the bulk plan to all your sites and pay for them all as one package deal. This package choice is more economical than being billed for multiple hosting packages to host all your sites when you have many of them.

Custom Hosting plans can be catered to your needs if they don’t already offer a befitting package for you. You just need to contact them and let them know your requirements and they can set up a custom plan just for you. This can be more economical to go with a Custom plan so you don’t pay for more resources than you need but have the ability to host as many sites as you need.

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