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Welcome to our Godaddy Review. GoDaddy is a web hosting company and is known as the world’s largest domain name registrar since 2005. Godaddy founded in the year 1997 by Bob Parsons. Parsons sold his financial software to Intuit the company that makes TurboTax and retired. Godaddy is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Godaddy has more than 13 Million Customers and more than 4000 employees.

Current CEO of Godaddy is Blake Irving. Godaddy has had domestic offices for customer care in Mesa AZ, Gilbert AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, Hiawatha IA, Sunnyvale CA, Los Angeles CA, Cambridge MA, Ashburn VA, San Francisco CA, Culver City CA, and Seattle WA. International offices of Godaddy are located in Toronto, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Shanghai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Belfast, and Israel. As of 2014 Godaddy has data centers in nine facilities worldwide exceeding 37,000 servers. Locations for data centers of Godaddy are: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Los Angeles, Chicago, Ashburn, Virginia, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Godaddy’s “anchor” data center is its 320,000 square foot data center in Phoenix that GoDaddy owns outright. Like most other web hosting companies, GoDaddy leases nearly all of its data centers which is to say they do not own most of the facilities where their servers are ran from with the exception of its large Phoneix data center that it does own outright. Presumably it’s because any one of the largest data centers in the USA would likely cost hundreds of millions of dollars to outright purchase one of these data centers including existing property, the building and all of the extremely expensive equipment and crazy high power requirements.

GoDaddy’s hosting is built on open stack platform with Apache and Cassandra. GoDaddy has done over 61 Million domain registries more than any other domain registrar. They are also the most well known hosting company in existence because of their extensive and successful marketing especially tv advertising, superbowl commercials and sponsorship with Nascar. Although costly and requiring capitol investors these proved to be smart moves that no other web hosting companies had done prior. Albeit controversial at times in terms of some of their commercials, GoDaddy has made its presence known worldwide on a very large scale.

Because this kind of marketing is extremely expensive eg. super bowl commercials and nascar sponsorship, GoDaddy did not do this on their own but received funding from KKR, Silver Lake and Technology Crossover Ventures. By the end of the 2015 racing season GoDaddy did not renew Danica Patrick’s sponsorship (since 2007) and would not return to Nascar. Phil Bienert is Chief Marketing Officer for GoDaddy. He released a statement saying that he would like to maintain a personal services agreement with Danica for GoDaddy.

In a statement released by GoDaddy: “Nascar has been a tremendous domestic platform but at this stage we need a range of marketing assets that reach a more globally diverse set of customers.” In hind-site, getting out of nascar has not hurt GoDaddy and is probably for the best as they were there for plenty long enough (8 years) to undeniably make their brand successful in terms of prime mainstream marketing exposure to help drive new business and to be recognized as a global brand.

Godaddy Hosting Review of Pros & Cons

godaddy reviews and customer testimonialsAlthough we currently are using Media Temple and have been using Media Temple for years, we first had GoDaddy in the mid 2000’s. During those years we had our share of complaints with GoDaddy. However in recent years they have made lots of changes to their infrastructure did lots of expansion and opened new data centers. They also purchased Media Temple. The GoDaddy of today is reportedly much better than the GoDaddy of its former years in terms of hosting quality. This is evident in the many changes that GoDaddy has made and the President and COO of Media Temple Russ Reeder has said this very same thing.

While no host is perfect we do not want our host to cause problems for our websites. When we were with GoDaddy (back in the day) it was okay but we had our share of issues from time to time which was irritating. We would be willing to forget that and give them another chance now that they have made a ton of changes to their management and infrastructure and have done a total re-brand as Russ Reeder of Media Temple has said that GoDaddy has done. And Now the Pros and Cons of GoDaddy for web hosting:

GoDaddy Hosting Pros

  • These guys are THE Most Popular name brand of Web hosting available today
  • They have done a lot to improve their infrastructure in recent years
  • Use of the familiar C-Panel or Plesk
  • Packages are available in all hosting plans you can think of
  • Big USA and also now international presence
  • Arguably Godaddy has made web hosting seem cool
  • Love or Hate Godaddy they were and are fantastic at Marketing their brand
Godaddy Hosting Cons

  • The old version of Godaddy used to carry a bad rep as being not so reliable and not living up to expectations
  • Being one of the biggest Hosts has made them a bigger target for security threats hacking etc.

Godaddy Hosting Review Summary

godaddy hosting review summary
Godaddy has bought out several companies since 2012. From 2012-2013 GoDaddy acquired several companies: Outright, Lucu (for $70 Million), Afternic, SmartName, and NameFind. In 2013 Godaddy acquired web host company Media Temple for an undisclosed amount. Details of the acquisition have not been made known public. What has been made known and released by Media Temple is that per the terms of the agreement Godaddy allows Media Temple to run as an autonomous company as they did prior to the acquisition.

It is most likely that Godaddy did so in order to expand its infrastructure and use Media Temple servers for its Godaddy Customers perhaps at some of the very same data centers in which Godaddy and Media Temple servers were housed in the same building and possibly using some of the same type of servers. The NEW GoDaddy is reportedly a totally different company as the OLD Godaddy. The NEW Godaddy has made a lot of changes on management, infrastructure, and re-branding its image and marketing campaigns. As we understand it, if you haven’t been hosting with Godaddy since 2013, you haven’t tried the NEW GoDaddy yet. Thank you for viewing our Godaddy Review. Check out our other Godaddy Reviews of all their hosting plans.

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