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Welcome to our GreenGeeks Hosting Review. So GreenGeeks as the name implies is a web hosting company and domain registrar that is built and ran as environmentally friendly. GreenGeeks is based in Los Angeles CA and founded in 2008. GreenGeeks extensively advertise a 300% renewable energy commitment from renewable wind energy. GreenGeeks generates their own energy output with wind turbines. While many other hosts say they are a green company or have green business practices, they probably are not near as green of a company as GreenGeeks since its also its own sustainable power company.

Since being in business in 2008 GreenGeeks has managed over 35,000 customers and greater than 300,000 websites. The web hosting services offered at GreenGeeks are Shared, VPS, and Dedicated with WordPress specific plans as well. For some reason you must scroll to the bottom of the homepage to locate their Dedicated Plans. The other plans can be found from the top tabs first thing. This tells us they probably do not sell a lot of Dedicated plans, but that would be the usual with hosts. Because of pricing and requirements most hosts don’t sell a ton of dedicated plans in comparison to shared plans or even VPS plans since these lower costing services tend to meet the needs of most clients that need to buy hosting.

green geeks web hosting review

GreenGeeks Review of Pros & Cons

greengeeks reviews and customer testimonialsGreenGeeks does seem to have everything we would look for in a web host.

The only questionable things about GreenGeeks are they are a rather new company and do not have the amount of customers as your largest web hosts today. Still they are making a name for themselves taking the Green marketing approach but it apparently is working for them.:

GreenGeeks Pros

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • unlimited domains
  • unlimited subdomains also!
  • eCommerce shopping cart making tools
  • support for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc
  • Probably Greenest Web host company there is.
GreenGeeks Cons

  • For VPS or Dedicated it’s not Cheap.
  • The company’s hosting infrastructure being limited as far as we can tell is not that impressive compared to the top web hosts of today but that’s not to say it’s a bad thing, it’s just to say they aren’t THAT big at this time. It may not be a bad thing but some people may see it that way.

GreenGeeks Review Summary

greengeeks hosting review summary
They have data centers in Chicago and Phoenix in the US and are headquartered in Los Angeles. they do have more data centers, one in Toronto and one in Amsterdam. Although GreenGeeks hosting infrastructure does not seem that impressive, the fact that they power with wind energy is a fantastic thing. GreenGeeks seems to have everything we would want out of a web host. The fact that you can have unlimited domains is a huge huge bonus if you intend to do multiple sites and do not want to pay for multiple hosting accounts to do so like you may have to do should you choose another provider. Their prices are good and the 30 day risk free trial offer is unconditional money back. These guys are a viable option and are one of the biggest host today, out of Los Angeles CA. This is of course why they are included on our list to find you the best web hosts for your WordPress needs.

GreenGeeks website builder is of course optional; if you choose to use it, it has hundreds of new modern themes which become your template to tamper as you wish. Drag ‘n drop to create a beautiful site without staring at code. Other web hosting providers also provide this such as 1and1. It may be beneficial for those new developers looking to build a website quick without any knowledge of website design working in complex coding or for example lacking experience in working with WordPress. It can help you to literally get a site going much faster than you otherwise can when starting at square one. Where time is money the website builder may be a viable and even wise option for you to go. If you select one with responsive theme the site will be mobile phone accessible to your visitors. They even allow you to integrate a shopping cart so this means you can create an eCommerce site, full on.

Again with other hosts who do not include a site builder, it’s simply about the hosting itself. But obviously for a lot of developers out there who already have their site made and simply need to buy the hosting you may or may not take advantage of site builder. Why not check it out anyway and play around with it. It may be worth it for you if you have the time to do some exploring.

To have unlimited domains (including unlimited parked domains and subdomains) EVEN on the entry level priced plan is a pretty big deal being right now at GreenGeeks. You don’t usually get this from other web hosting companies. Usually domains are limited to one or 10 at entry level packages. With GreenGeeks unlimited domains means you can host more than 10 different website URL’s and you are in fact not limited to the amount that you want to make. This is a big bonus for those looking for cheap hosting with no limitations there if you plan on making more than 1 or more than 10. At the same low price you probably will not find another host that allows you to do so. With entry level shared price at just under $4/month GreenGeeks is priced competitively.

With GreenGeeks they made a tag line “An Environmentally Responsible Web Hosting Provider” which is appealing to most people who care about the environment and recycle while others may not care at all about the green practices and of GreenGeeks and are only interested in the performance of the web hosting. So for these people who do not care about that, putting all green practices aside, and seeing everything GreenGeeks has to offer for their web hosting options they do indeed offer a lot and have great prices. Of course they have nightly backups and most things you look for in a web host. The average customer testimonial is a positive one and enthusiastic about this web hosting provider. With their 30 money back guarantee it does present a low risk decision in choosing them as your next host. If you decide within 30 days that they are not your host you want to continue with you have the option to cancel service but will not be refunded for domain costs. The domains will be yours to keep even after cancellation, according to GreenGeeks.

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