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HostMonster is a web hosting company and domain registrar based in Provo, Utah founded in 1996. HostMonster’s CEO is Matt Heaton who also founded BlueHost. Like many web hosts, HostMonster and BlueHost are both reportedly owned by Endurance International Group in Burlington, Massachusetts. Besides the popular shared plans which are by far their most popular selling hosting plans, HostMonster also has available VPS hosting services and Dedicated Hosting services. HostMonster reportedly shares data centers with Bluehost and again the same person is CEO of both Bluehost and HostMonster. HostMonster has simple marketing and a small amount of hosting plans to choose from. With this they seem to be targeting mostly customers who want shared hosting services and mostly for those looking to not spend very much thus their most popular package costs under $7/month. An attractive offer included is free domain going on now at HostMonster. The domain itself is your URL address for your website that you will not need to pay for separately because it is included with HostMonster at this time. Even their new VPS plans are affordable beginning at around $15/month up to just under $60/month while dedicated starts at about $75/month for your own private server with 3 server IP’s included.

Hostmonster Review of Pros & Cons

hostmonster reviews and customer testimonialsHostMonster lists all features and provided databases under “Hosting-Features” on their website. They pledge to help businesses and individuals gain access to their high-powered hosting services at minimal costs. One thing that HostMonster has that not every host has is multiple contact numbers. Obviously they have live chat like all web hosts. In addition they have a 866 main phone number. HostMonster also provides a phone number for outside the US Customers. For Dedicated and VPS customers they have an 855 phone number to get support. Need help but you don’t want to call or chat and want to email instead? Submit an open ticket request.

HostMonster has an easy to use CPanel that eliminates sketchiness. You can setup an email address for your domain name (website URL) right from the control panel under the Mail section. For the many of us who currently use gmail for business you can also setup a POP account directing gmail email to your new email address created at HostMonster.

Although HostMonster seems like a low-budget type of host provider at the surface just based on the plans and pricing of shared and VPS services, they also have Dedicated plans. When we really looked into them for the purpose of writing this review we actually were enlightened at some of the things we found that we have not found with other providers to HostMonster’s credit. For example they allow you to have a free demo account to experience how things will be when you go with them. They offer a one click WordPress install. You have probably heard about WordPress but they advertise two new other ‘website editors’ supported by HostMonster: Concrete5 and Weebly:

Hostmonster Pros

  • Affordable Plans
  • All hosting options Shared, VPS, Dedicated
  • HostMonster Supports Concrete5, Weebly, and others.
  • FTP Makes it easy to upload your site
  • Easy to navigate CPanel
  • Several phone numbers for support
Hostmonster Cons

  • hard to understand user agreement
  • difficult to define terms of refund in case of dissatisfaction

Hostmonster Review Summary

hostmonster review summary
In supporting these web editors, which are more appropriately called open source content management systems or CMS, that will have a much quicker learning curve than more complex systems with code we find that HostMonster is going the extra mile in helping newcomers to the modern web hosting world by showing you there are new alternative and easier to learn new platforms that come with a variety of templates in which us website developers can choose different layouts and customize a nice website to suit whatever requirements we have and our clients have.

Now this may not be beneficial if you already have a site ready to go and simply need hosting but it’s nice to know HostMonster openly supports both Weebly and Concrete5 and provides FTP so you should be able to upload most any website made from most anything. Should you decide to look into using Concrete5 you should know that it is free software to install Concrete5 but it requires it to be ran from your web hosting server. You will get your web server domain and hosting account activated when you buy your domain and web hosting such as from HostMonster where domain is included free. Otherwise Concrete5 is free to demo from their own website.

What is Concrete5? Open Source Web Content Management System (CMS), and with it you can literally design your site from scratch choosing already working and formatted templates without staring at code while doing so. Simply change text and pictures and change the appearances, and optimize SEO. With Concrete5 you can potentially take away a lot of time and lessen the learning curve from learning how to build your new website being how the software is much simpler interface to make changes should you choose to do so with Concrete5.

The text editing functionality on Concrete5 has a quick content editing interface that “works like a word processor” and makes editing text portions of website far easier than staring at code with most others. Concrete5 is a relatively new one released in 2008 but it’s gaining traction and has over a quarter million users with over 641,000 websites that have been made from it. Like WordPress you can choose preset themes to your liking. Working with Code can be very intimidating with a steep learning curve for newbies that would like to design their own site but have no experience in web design. For those people, this makes Concrete5 worth exploring since you don’t look at code. Concrete5 even has SEO management configurations that are similar to Wordress but are easier to use them.

The SEO is an integral feature that will allow your sites to rank well on Google, Yahoo, and all of the biggest search engines. If you don’t want to do anything with code and Adobe Muse is too limited for your web design requirements, check into Concrete5 and experiment with it to see if it’s going to suit your needs. It is good how HostMonster directly supports Concrete5 so you know there will not be any incompatibility issues in choosing HostMonster with most any platform you choose to go with whether your site is made using Concrete5, WordPress, or whatever you can upload it with FTP and anything you choose to build your website is likely to be supported by HostMonster and compatible with your HostMonster web hosting account.

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