hostnine dedicated server hosting reviewOur HostNine Dedicated Review covers every aspect of this coveted Hostnine hosting service. For the ultimate in performance and when you need optimal resources to power your big site then you need to go with a Hostnine Dedicated Plan. Dedicated plans from HostNine allow you complete control literally over all resources that power your sites. Dedicated plans are perfect for large E-Commerce stores and important sites even for government sites. When you go with a Dedicated plan you are leasing an entire computer fully dedicated to running your site. They grant you the ability to run an unlimited amount of websites on your dedicated plan. Automatic CDP backups are completed once every day to protect all your data in case of hardware failure. Choose one of three Dedicated packages from HostNine with a CPU of 4, 8, or 24 cores at a competitive price range. Choose Dedicated from USA or UK. If choosing USA your data center will either be out of Texas, Washington DC, or Seattle. Now on to our HostNine Dedicated Review.

HostNine Dedicated Level 1: 4 Cores, 128GB Disk Space, 8GB Ram, 500GB Bandwidth

HostNine Dedicated Level 2: 8 Cores, 128GB Disk Space, 16GB Ram, 1000GB Bandwidth

HostNine Dedicated Level 3: 24 Cores, 128GB Disk Space, 32GB Ram, 2000GB Bandwidth

HostNine Dedicated Review

Our HostNine Dedicated Review in short covers details on what you get for your money and compares Dedicated hosting plans with Wiredtree. Remember in addition to reviewing both of these companies and all their plans we have a coupon code for these hosting companies and others to save you big off your signup should you decide to choose one. The three Levels for HostNine Dedicated are all limited to 128GB disk space. With each increase of level the following resources are raised: increase in CPU, Ram, and bandwidth. The pricing of Dedicated level 1 is 99.99/mo. Level 2 is only 10 dollars more at 109.99/mo and Level 3 is 179.99/mo. It is written in the terms and conditions that HostNine’s 45 day trial period excludes Dedicated plans therefore money back will not apply in the case of dissatisfaction. You can always cancel at any time from any plan at HostNine but you will not be refunded for unused time with a Dedicated plan however the payment could be applied as credit in case you wish to change to a different hosting plan with HostNine. The pricing for Dedicated, unlike their shared and VPS plans is on par with competitors, not cheaper than average but average pricing for comparable plans. For example compare HostNine’s level 1 Dedicated to Wiredtree Hybrid Dedicated. At Wiredtree’s lowest Dedicated it’s priced at $99/mo same as HostNine. Compared to Wiredtree the only statistic in which HostNine’s lowest plan beats Wiredtree for the amount of resources that you get are in the amount of Ram you get with each package from HostNine which is more ram with HostNine Dedicated.

Our HostNine Dedicated Review has pointed out that possibly the largest drawback with HostNine Dedicated is the disk space limited to 128 GB for every plan. This may not be an issue for a developer who is looking to go with a dedicated plan that knows the total size of all sites will be under 128 GB. But collectively if you want to host several monstrous sites off one plan 128 GB might not be enough therefore HostNine Dedicated probably isn’t doing business with huge retailers like WalMart and Target for example because they have thousands of sku’s and thousands of pages and would likely far surpass the 128GB limit to the size of the website. Perhaps another demographic that would be well suited for a HostNine Dedicated plan would be those that are slightly dissatisfied with the performance of VPS for their resource intensive high traffic high importance websites that want a dedicated server so as to not have to share any resources from any computer and have their own computer dedicated to running all their sites knowing they will take up well under 128GB and getting this for a fair rather than high price point. Going with the Dedicated verses VPS gives you complete control to run whatever software you want and basically however you want within the limits stated in the HostNine terms and conditions. That’s the advantage with Dedicated because you don’t get to have access to that type of control and near as much resources allotted with a VPS plan. If you outgrow your plan HostNine does give you the ability to upgrade however you might want to discuss with them the scenario of reaching or surpassing the limit of 128GB disk space in the case that it happens during your subscription with any Host Nine dedicated plan as they may or may not have more options than what is stated in such a case.

HostNine Dedicated Review – Performance Privately Powered by : Intel Xeon multi-core CPU’s

  • Migration Assistance
  • Quality Hardware
  • cPanel/WHM
  • 1 click installs via Softaculous
  • Free KSPLICE

Summary for HostNine Dedicated Review

In considering going with a dedicated plan from HostNine you must weigh the following. The 45 day refund policy is excluded for Dedicated plans so if you pay for a dedicated plan and are unhappy with the service in the first 45 days even if you are a brand new customer to HostNine you aren’t eligible for money back but may be eligible for credit towards a different plan or towards VPS or a Shared hosting package. You also must be certain that your sites in total will not exceed the limit of 128GB in disk space. 128GB would make for a monstrous site but if you are hosting multiple big sites it’s possible to reach that limit faster than you planned so you will have to bear that in mind. The pricing for HostNine Dedicated plans is about average compared to other hosts offering similar packages. The tech support when you choose USA is USA based. Our HostNine Dedicated Review, like all our reviews was kept short and to the point for your convenience and we think it has covered the most needed to know things. If you want to view our other reviews from HostNine excluding HostNine Dedicated Review feel free to check out our HostNine VPS Hosting Review as well as our HostNine Shared Hosting Review. If you’d like to learn more about the HostNine Company itself, check out our detailed HostNine Review.

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