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HostNine is a web hosting company based out of Jupiter, Florida. HostNine was founded in 2006. They became a popular name and were bought in 2012 by EIG. This may be dated information but what we have found is that HostNine reportedly runs Dell PowerEdge servers. With HostNine you have to consider that they sell the full scope of hosting packages from Shared, to VPS and Dedicated. In providing all of those services coupled with the fact that they were bought by EIG tells you that this is a legitimate web hosting company not your fly by the mill operation nor then is HostNine a jumpstarted web hosting company even if it began that way. Today HostNine is even offering Reseller accounts which tells you that they have enough equipment to lease them out to other companies who can sell web hosting services and earn profits. When you take the time to read the terms and conditions they have a late payments policy which allows customers a 7 day grace period past due date without penalty. But after 7 days past due a suspension is placed on the account and a 10 dollar late fee assessed. After 14 days of nonpayment its termination. That’s pretty standard stuff but you want to be aware of it. This of course will only apply to monthly accounts not annual because annual is paid in one payment. The 45 day money back guarantee only applies to new customers and excludes dedicated plans but includes all other plans. A lot of other hosting companies only issue credit and don’t issue money back but HostNine appears to issue money back for eligible dissatisfied customers through the 45 day period which is a good incentive for trial.

hostnine hosting reviews

Although HostNine states Unlimited disk space and bandwidth the fine print talks about limiting excessive consumption of resources so that it won’t effect the performance of others accounts. This makes unlimited grossly misleading however its the same story with any of the hosts offering unlimited. The hosting company will control and have the final say so when it comes to managing server performance for all its users. If limits are surpassed it’s written under the terms that they can suspend the account which will take down the customers website apparently until contacting them to get things sorted out which might involve upgrading to a new package or being charged additional fees for the additional resources your site needs. This is the same story with any of the web hosting companies claiming unlimited they aren’t unlimited so its nicer to view stated limits and select from organized plans where you pay more and get more. HostNine uses the unlimited marketing to gain new customers but just be aware that if your site starts to gain a lot of traffic you might end up being required to upgrade your plan for more resources. So again if you don’t gain a lot of traffic and your site doesn’t use more resources than they allow for than you may never have to face any issues however the limits are up to HostNine.

HostNine Review of Pros & Cons

hostnine reviews and customer testimonialsYou can’t really fault HostNine for using Unlimited as a marketing play because many other hosts do the same thing. Why we like HostNine is because it is truly one of the more popular hosts today. HostNine made themselves a success story by providing good quality service since 2006 and in only six years were bought by EIG, a company that owns a great number of popular web hosting companies. If you don’t know what to make of a company being bought by EIG you should know that it’s a good thing not a bad thing. It means that things like billing are handled professionally and accurately. It means EIG is backing HostNine while allowing them to be their own brand still but they want to protect their investment and make sure it succeeds, so they might have already implemented new changes that were needed in the way HostNine conducted their business. EIG buying HostNine is similar to if one of the sharks on shark tank decides to become a partnered investor in a company. HostNine did not lose its image or branding and gained traction since EIG bought HostNine in 2012. Lastly, we really like HostNine because of the pricing. Their pricing is very difficult to beat and I’m sure it’s intentional and another marketing play but who doesn’t want to pay less to host websites?

Once again, although HostNine makes unlimited misleading you cannot fault them for it since many other providers do the same thing and it’s a powerful marketing play. They have a lot of satisfied customers and they truly offer a 45 day money back guarantee for any package excluding dedicated ones.

HostNine Pros

  • 45 Day money back satisfaction
  • Very affordable pricing
  • USA based company
  • Their policies seem to be fairly standard
  • They have a complete range of plans to choose
  • EIG owned
HostNine Cons

  • no refunds for dedicated
  • not truly unlimited

Hostnine Review Summary

hostnine review summary
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