hostnine shared hosting reviewOur HostNine Shared Hosting Review covers everything you need to know about HostNine Shared Plans. HostNine Shared Hosting offers ultra low cost options excellent pricing for those on a budget. Shared Hosting plans are without a doubt the most popular type of hosting making up the world wide web. Shared web hosting is usually the way to go for entry level web developers or even experienced web professionals in the case they can get many installs hosted on a single HostNine Shared Hosting package for much cheaper than with another more advanced type of hosting plan like VPS where you are not allowed near as many installs. So if you need hosting provided for multiple websites you are working on then you probably do not want a package limiting the amount of installs or domains to under a few and will not want to go with the Personal Plan as discussed in this HostNine Shared Review since it only supports 1 domain while Business and Enterprise are unlimited. USA customers can choose a data center location of Texas, Washington DC, or Seattle.

HostNine Shared Review of Hosting Specs

All HostNine Shared Hosting packages are unlimited bandwidth and storage space so that when traffic spikes on your websites HostNine will keep your site running strong not crashing down. Priority support is only available for the Enterprise Shared package at 9.99/mo. However those that have paid for hosting before might have already decided that they will not need any assistance ever so support would have little or no bearing on their decision. However if you are a beginner and you think there is a possibility you will need to call for help with anything you should strongly consider going with the Enterprise plan that includes support or you will be left to figure things out on your own. Shared Hosting plans are almost always going to be the best choice when it comes to your budget. As we have emphasized, our HostNine Shared Hosting Review shows that the plans are highly affordable coming in at least 50% less cost than an average Shared Hosting provider. The Enterprise plan also comes with Free SSL so that your site can be verified for security which is practically mandatory for eCommerce sites. Getting SSL added to the Personal or Business plan from HostNine will cost an extra one time fee of 39.99 so in case you need it you are probably best off with Enterprise. HostNine allows a 45 Day Guarantee in which you have a month and a half to trial your new web hosting after buying before eligibility to cancel your payment will expire. In addition HostNine offers pain free plan changes at anytime.

HostNine Shared Hosting Personal Plan: 1 Website.

HostNine Shared Hosting Business Plan: Unlimited Websites.

HostNine Shared Hosting Enterprise Plan: Unlimited Websites, SSL, Priority Support.

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Domains (excluding Personal)
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1 click installs via Softaculous
  • cPanel

Our 6 Month Trial Hostnine Shared Review

Basically every single hosting company in the world offers shared hosting plans. It’s our duty here at WPHCO to essentially let you know which one’s are worth building your new website/blog at or migrating your existing site to. Honestly, out of the gate, we were not expecting much, most likely we figured, it would be slow or overall bogged down just like other cheap shared hosting options are. However, we were pleasantly surprised. After running a number of test on Hostnine compared to other shared hosting options, we find it to perform quite well. As long as you’re not a complete newbie to navigating cPanels etc, Hostnine is actually great value for the money. If however, you want a company to take you by the hand every step of the way, we’d probably point you in the direction of one of big name brand guys who have the ability to offer truly 100% 24/7 customer support on every level. As it is, Hostnine, is a small to medium sized hosting company doing the best they can to offer competitive rates and sought after features. Frankly for $3.99 for an entire year, the Hostnine Shared Plan is just as good if not better than any big box hosting company. (On a side note, it is worth mentioning that Hostnine has recently introduced their Hostnine ‘Enterprise’ Level Shared Hosting Plan which in fact does offer 24/7 Priority Support.)

HostNine Shared Review Summary

Shared plans from HostNine are priced ultra low and by the specs they should have what you need to get your sites up and running. But if your site generates a really high amount of traffic you can expect HostNine will ask you to upgrade your plan which is industry standard protocol from Web Hosting companies. In the case that you are experienced at publishing and you do expect to have a really large amount of traffic you might actually want to go right into a Cloud VPS package and you should at that point consult directly with HostNine so they can match you up with what you need. Websites are meant to be scale-able and the truth is most new sites don’t start out popular but over time some of them end up being massively popular. When this happens you will need a web hosting solution that provides insane scale-ability if you have insane traffic. HostNine has got you covered and they have all the solutions any developer would need from HostNine Shared Hosting to Cloud VPS to Dedicated.
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