hostnine cloud vps hosting reviewOur HostNine VPS Review covers everything you need to know about the Hostnine Cloud VPS Hosting Plan in great detail. HostNine offers premium VPS at affordable price point. Cloud VPS from HostNine are for sites requiring more resources and higher performance with increased traffic. Cloud VPS is an upgrade from a Shared plan because you get a lot more resources from the hosting package beginning with the first Cloud VPS plan for $14/mo and their most costly VPS plan is under $50/mo! USA customers can choose a data center location of Texas, Washington DC, or Seattle. And now on to your HostNine VPS Review.

HostNine Cloud VPS 1: 1 Core, 30GB Disk Space, 1GB Ram, 2000GB Bandwidth/mo

HostNine Cloud VPS 2: 2 Cores, 60GB Disk Space, 2GB Ram, 2500GB Bandwidth/mo

HostNine Cloud VPS 3: 3 Cores, 75GB Disk Space, 4GB Ram, 3000GB Bandwidth/mo

HostNine Cloud VPS 4: 3 Cores, 100GB Disk Space, 8GB Ram, 4000GB Bandwidth/mo

HostNine Cloud VPS 5: 6 Cores, 150GB Disk Space, 16GB Ram, 6000GB Bandwidth/mo

HostNine VPS Review Cloud VPS Details

The Levels for HostNine Cloud VPS are offered at 1 through 5 and with each increase of level the resources increase also including bandwidth. In terms of bandwidth therefore speed essentially increases with each level. The pricing of VPS level 1 begins at $14/mo which is about half of what most competitors entry level VPS package costs so this is a good incentive based on price point to try HostNine VPS. Their 45 day trial period does apply for VPS in other words if you are dissatisfied throughout your first 45 days and you are a new customer at HostNine you are eligible to cancel your service and request a refund and should get your cash back again if you were dissatisfied and wish to discontinue service. The pricing is lower than competitors for comparable plans if you compare for example HostNine Cloud VPS to Wiredtree’s lowest VPS plan is $49/mo (same price as HostNine’s highest VPS) you find that HostNine is much more affordable. VPS.Net Cloud offers their lowest one at 17.39 a month so the pricing is considerably lower with HostNine across the board for VPS which is the most appealing thing to be noted.

This HostNine VPS Review discusses the performance and value you get from VPS Cloud with HostNine. VPS is a different type of hosting than shared and frankly its thought of as a better quality of hosting. With shared hosting your site is ran by a server sharing resources so at one point you can get resources taken away from running your site and your site will suffer from lag as a result. One does not have control over the amount of resources on a shared plan that’s being dedicated to their website. VPS on the other hand will not make your site suffer from losses of resources and will not take them away from your website, and not make your website suffer lag and long latency. VPS web hosting stands for virtual private server. When you have a VPS plan you are leasing a space on a server with the resources of your plan assigned and dedicated to run your site. In this sense VPS is more of a VIP treatment for your website and many professionals find that a VPS (or even a dedicated) is essential to run important sites that generate income that cannot go down. Equally as important is protection from websites crashing and from performance loss. Essentially you do pay more for a VPS but you get the designated resources to guarantee much better hosting quality and reliability. It is important to note though that there are the different levels of VPS so if you go with entry level VPS and find that you need more you may experience performance loss or other issues until upgrading the plan. HostNine can work with you and find out exactly which package you will need to upgrade if need be.

HostNine VPS Review – Performance:
CPU’s running on HostNine Cloud VPS servers are dual Intel Xeon Hex Cores providing each node 24 CPU cores. 96 GB DDR3 Ram per Node. Storage: Solid State Drives with RAID-50 for up to 136 times faster than Cloud Shared (from any provider). HostNine claims that their Cloud VPS is capable of outperforming other provider’s dedicated plans of the same comparable resources, and are the perfect option for critical higher-resource requiring websites. HostNine’s pricing across the board is much cheaper than most competitors when you look at their most costly VPS plan its under $50/mo.

  • 2 IP’s assigned to any level VPS Cloud
  • Every plan is Managed.
  • cPanel/WHM
  • 1 click installs via Softaculous
  • Free KSPLICE

HostNine VPS Review – Cloud VPS Hosting Summary

Websites are meant to be scale-able as the site continues to grow it will need more hard disk space and need more bandwidth if the traffic increases so it is a good thing that there are all the levels of VPS available from HostNine. Cloud VPS from HostNine all come Managed so you aren’t left forced to figure everything out on your own. They have extra low prices for all VPS plan choices when comparing to any other web host. The pricing probably cannot be beat for a USA based company with USA based support and the 45 day money back guarantee applies to any VPS package from new customers taking a lot of the risk out of the equation. Thank you for viewing our HostNine VPS Review. Our HostNine VPS Review was short for your convenience and covered the most needed to know things. If you want to view our other reviews from HostNine excluding HostNine VPS Review feel free to check out our HostNine Dedicated Hosting Review as well as our HostNine Shared Hosting Review. If you’d like to learn more about the HostNine Company itself, check out our detailed HostNine Review.

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