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media temple grid hosting reviewOur Media Temple Grid Hosting Review covers everything you need to know about this rising shared hosting option. Media Temple Grid Hosting is in-fact, their ‘shared plan’ and is the MT entry level hosting option starting at $20 per month. Grid hosting is server on-demand hosting so multiple servers handle each of your websites. The Grid is optimized for WordPress site developers for designing and publishing WordPress blogs, portfolio websites, small business, e-commerce and more. Cloud hosting that was built into the MT Grid allows for increased data accessibility and seamless work handling. The Grid platform is part of a SSD-based MySQL SmartPool system designed to monitor traffic spikes and implement boosting of resources to make sure your sites stay online. If you find that you need even more performance from your Grid plan but do not wish to change to VPS service, consider adding a “dedicated MySQL Container” to your Grid account for low additional monthly fee. Grid Hosting allows hosting of up to 100 domains so you can have 100 different websites and at the $20 a month price point. All of their plans come with award winning technical support 24/7 by twitter, email, phone, or optional CloudTech Premium Support from Media Temple staff in Los Angeles CA. Media Temple Grid Hosting is a very popular entry level service option with a low price point and fairly good features and benefits. We have used this service for a considerable period of time and we feel that it is not bad at all. Please see our review of Media Temples Level 1 VPS for what we’ve experienced as compared to MT Grid.

Media Temple Review of Specs

The Grid plan comes with the ability to host for up to 100 sites, plenty of storage and bandwidth for entry level websites that are not expected to have a large amount of traffic. The Grid is geared toward entry level web hosting and all and all its fairly priced and has what you need to get your sites up and running. But if you expect to have a large amount of traffic or if page loading speed is critical you might actually want to go right into a VPS package.

  • 100 GB Storage
  • Host up to 100 websites
  • 1 TB monthly bandwidth
  • 2,000 GPUs
  • 1,000 email addresses
  • AccountCenter custom control panel

Our Media Temple Grid Hosting Review Summary

For those that are just getting up and running it could make a lot of sense to go with The Grid so that you are not limited to only a few websites. For the more experienced site developers looking for a premium package they will find that the Grid falls short of the snappy webpage loading although not all the time. We have experienced the Grid and used it for a considerable amount of time with satisfaction but when we needed more and was ready for it, we made the upgrade to DV Level 1 and have not looked back on it. We wrote these reviews to help you make a better more informed decision because we know that it is hard to know the differences between those two packages. There are key differences such as how Grid hosting uses shared servers and VPS DV is dedicated and private servers doing the work for your sites loading and keeping them online all the time. However with DV Level 1 we have found to be faster and more dedicated and comes with MT’s 99.999% up-time guarantee. It may come down to what can you afford to do right now as it did with us. So lastly for your consideration, know that the Grid is by no means a bad hosting plan but it is not intended as a premium service for web professionals and probably not the best option for providing the hosting for large companies with a lot of content eg. products or services to the site. For blogging and short webpages the Grid should serve you decently but your sites will not always be loading as snappy as you want them to be and that is mostly because of the nature of “shared hosting.” The Grid essentially is meant for beginners and the spending conscious who want a lot of domains hosted for an inexpensive price point.

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