media temple review

media temple review
We base our Media Temple Review all content of this page on our own personal experience here at WPHCO. We have been with Media Temple since 2012, about one year before Godaddy bought Media Temple and are still with them currently on The Grid therefore we can vouch that you indeed get great hosting quality at fair price point from Media Temple. From our perspective in being on The Grid, we disagree with others who feel Media Temple is a more costly web provider. While MT is not the cheapest they are far from expensive in the world of web hosting providers. In reading our review of Media Temple you should become aware that the price points at Media Temple in our opinion are slightly above average because of two main factors that you pay for: Genuinely High Reliability/Resiliency, and High Quality Support (whether utilized or not).

Throughout our time with Media Temple our sites have nearly always ran good although the latency is not quite snappy quick and does not load pages within a few milliseconds but usually within one second at most which is more than acceptable for our sites. We don’t expect snappy quick since we aren’t on a VPS server plan but are still sitting comfortably on MT Shared Grid until we feel the need to upgrade. Even still, our sites ran good and continue to run good very close to 100% of the time.

We had only one instance where our site was behaving bizarre for a couple hours one day in 2014 but it auto resolved itself so we never needed to contact support. We pardon them for that instance which is now not even regarded as a hiccup since it only occurred once in four years of otherwise 100% uptime. Luckily it auto resolved whatever it was and that was the only instance pretty much since 2012 ever having any direct issue with our Media Temple service. After reading a lot of horror stories with reviews from other providers, we are glad that we never switched companies and stayed loyal to Media Temple.

Our team is in agreement that we have experienced at least 99.7% uptime throughout being with MT since 2012 and probably actually higher. Media temple is a well known brand in web hosting and became so successful that they were recently acquired by the giant Godaddy back in 2013. Before we discuss the Godaddy acquisition which is fantastic despite what you may have read on other reviews lets cover some other important facts about Media Temple.

Media Temple Review of Pros & Cons

media temple review with ceo and presidentOverall we have been loyal to Media Temple because in the great scheme of things Media Temple has not been disappointing hosting quality. We feel as though we get good quality hosting at fair pricing and when something works we do not like to change because change involves risk of dissatisfaction, hassle, and time lost. With Media Temple we feel as though the risk for anyone would be greatly diminished because they are not a up and coming or a starter company they are one of the biggest contenders in web hosting for you to consider. What is the single most important quality we can appraise Media Temple for? Reliability. We know they provide fantastic customer support but we have never needed to use it. Our time with Media Temple has been a satisfying experience and still is.

In this Media Temple Review we have based it on our actual usage of The Grid. Our pros and cons lists the pluses and minuses of going with Media Temple. The pros and cons are as stated:

Media Temple Pros

  • fair price points
  • plenty of plans for growing sites
  • not too many plans so it’s simplified
  • 99.7% or higher uptime
  • acquired by GoDaddy in 2013
Media Temple Cons

  • optional cloud tech service is very costly

Media Temple Review With CEO & President

Reviewing Media Temple Hosting Company and the Godaddy Deal of 2013

So Media Temple was founded in the year 1998 by Demian Sellfors out of his apartment. MT markets that they are headquartered and based in Los Angeles CA but are actually located in Culver City, California in Los Angeles County but have data centers throughout the world. Today Media Temple, or MT as the logo shows are a well known hosting company and they operate with state of the art equipment, servers, and data centers as does the hosting giants Godaddy, Bluehost, and several other long standing hosting companies. Just a few known clients on Media Temple include Toyota, Adidas, and Starbucks. Media Temple is big but they aren’t as big as Godaddy and Bluehost so they have not become like the fast food chain of web hosting by any means.

For those that may be concerned about location relative to where you live do not be overly concerned about it. Location will not have much bearing on performance as long as the majority of your customers viewing your site is in the continental US, and your provider is in the continental US, you will basically be optimized as far as choosing locations goes.

If you decided to go with a cheaper provider like Siteground you should know that Siteground is headquartered in Panama far from the continental USA and so pinging back and forth will likely cause delays on page loading latency speeds. Siteground and other oversees providers will not tell you that but expect you to know. The performance will not be terrible but it will not be optimum. For example, Media Temple is headquartered in Los Angeles and has data centers in several locations in the US and we have been primarily working in Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, and California and our sites operate and behave about the same regardless of where we are working.

When Godaddy bought Media Temple in 2013 we did not notice any changes to performance nor to our hosting experience and again we have been on the Grid from Media Temple since 2012! We like Media Temple a lot which is why we never switched hosting providers. Why did Media Temple decide to make their big deal with Godaddy? Well, think about it. Godaddy is the most successfully marketed web hosting company there is by far, it has millions of customers and is the biggest domain registrar in the world. Because of Godaddy super bowl commercials and in particular when Nascar began sponsoring the first women driver in Nascar Danica Patrick, Godaddy became a household name even to people who have no idea what web hosting is.

When a web hosting company gets bought usually it gets bought out by EIG. Perhaps Media Temple was too big for EIG to buy it out since EIG tends to buy out young web hosting companies that are just gaining traction before they get too ridiculously huge and expensive. It is also possible that EIG attempted to purchase MT, since Demian has mentioned that he has had lots of offers but declined them because he did not like the strategies of moving data centers and things like that. But even for all the hosting companies that EIG has bought, the company remains largely the same as there are only some noticeable differences done from the customer’s perspective to improve things like billing, maybe even management and sometimes sharing data centers and things like this which is probably a good thing not a bad thing from our view anyway. Why? It would result in expansion to support a larger customer base and obviously less crowding of shared server resources. The only obvious downside is the prices might go up.

In the provided video, Demian Sellfors CEO and Co-founder of Media Temple who originally started Media Temple from his apartment answers questions and concerns about the Godaddy acquisition back in 2013. Here are the highlights and quotes of the video. Russ Reeder President and COO Media Temple said Media temple has always focused on providing its services directly to Web designers and web professionals. Godaddy has not negatively impacted Media Temple. They have remained as a “separate entity” as Godaddy. In our opinion, we have noticed that they did indeed live up to the statements made by them in this video about what they would continue to do with Media Temple since the acquisition and how little has changed thus far.

Demian Selfors began the video by saying Media Temple has a mandate from the CEO of Godaddy to operate as an Independent and autonomous company. “We will keep doing what we do, no changes.” They will not be part of Godaddy blacklist DNS protocols, they will continue on Media Temple servers. Since it is now the year 2016 everything they said is still holding strong and we have not found any inconsistencies to any of these statements that were made back then. With all due respect, this is old news but it’s to help clear up any skeptics out there who are strongly opposed to Godaddy for whatever reason, perhaps they received bad service in the past from Godaddy.

Demian had many offers from investors over the years and waited until finding the right hosting company that would allow Media Temple to continue to operate as they do without changing their infrastructure or branding. He was concerned about his shareholders in the deal made with Godaddy and made sure his shareholders were protected as part of the deal. This and everything about the video reveals that Media Temple fully intended to continue providing top level service to all their long standing customers as they said they would do and it appears they have done exactly that ever since the acquisition.

Godaddy made it clear that they want Media Temple to continue being Media Temple and continue to deliver the same level of service to the customers they have. As he answered another question, Russ Reeder said Media Temple will keep their tier 4 top notch data centers from the west coast and the east coast. There is misconception about the acquisition so for one thing Media Tempple does not use Godaddy servers or Godaddy support. Media Temple did not downgrade on their support and did not change their industry leading support they are known for and one thing you pay for when going with Media Temple. Russ also stated you can call support anytime and you will not get Godaddy staff you will get Media Temple support as a Media Temple customer as always.

Media Temple has always believed in Internet Privacy. Media Temple and Godaddy both do not support SOPA and believe in protecting customer privacy. Godaddy will help Media Temple expand globally according to MT co-founder Demian Sellfors. They are excited about expanding their services to Europe and Latin America through Godaddy, something they were not prepared to do before the Godaddy acquisition in 2013 but they expect positive changes will continue to happen as they develop through the years when such expansion might happen. Demian said he sees Media Temple potentially being a 50 year or older company in the future at least he hopes so, which is indicative of his intentions with the future of the Media Temple hosting company. Another note taken from the video is that Media Temple has maintained their own servers and their own data centers and “no SSL port blocking.”

As this video talks about modern day Godaddy, it states that Godaddy has made a ton of changes recently and acquired more data centers that they needed obviously to alleviate server congestion and provide more services. Although the video does not say this exactly, one other thing we got out of it was that Godaddy today is not the Godaddy it was before 2013. Nonetheless, there really is not any critical comparisons that should even be drawn from the two separate hosting companies Godaddy and Media Temple in considering going with Media Temple hosting since they are separate companies. As far as we can tell and as far as Demian has mentioned, there is no concern about MT becoming Godaddy anytime soon as it will continue to operate as Media Temple like it always has and like it is still doing so today.

Besides stressing this point of how Media Temple is continuing to operate autonomously from Godaddy, according to the president and COO of Media Temple, MT does not use any of Godaddy’s infrastructure. The co-founder did not disclose further statements of the deal made with Godaddy or talk about some of the specifics to the deal. To speculate, it is likely that some of Godaddy’s customers are now using MT servers and support. We can almost safely assume that Godaddy made a deal with buying a part of Media Temple (likely not 100% outright) in order to utilize MT infrastructure for Godaddy customers otherwise why would Godaddy have bought Media Temple and allowed them to continue to operate autonomously? It would not make sense. Godaddy bought other data centers as well so it’s not a big surprise.

Media Temple Review Summary

As the video said a handful of times, Media Temple is still Media Temple. Although they are now acquired by Godaddy this has really not been very apparent in our view. We have been satisfied with The Grid ever since 2012 and prior to 2012 we did use Godaddy and was ultimately dissatisfied with Godaddy overall. That was awhile ago though and according to what Media Temple has said about all the positive changes Godaddy has made since 2013, they have probably resolved a lot of issues that were frustrating customers for a long time. Again, although this has not been affirmed, we suspect that maybe Godaddy bought Media Temple primarily to utilize its infrastructure because Godaddy has millions of customers and so they might have agreed to provide room on Media Temple Servers or even Media Temple support for some Godaddy customers to improve Godaddy hosting quality.

As far as we can tell nothing has negatively impacted the hosting quality from Media Temple and we trust that all the statements made from Media Temple about the Godaddy acquisition are true and have no reason to believe otherwise. We are still using Media Temple hosting services and as satisfied as ever. We do recommend Media Temple to anyone looking to get hosting for the reliability factor which has been invaluable to us which is why we continue to be a Media Temple customer.

In summary of our Media Temple Review, we do recommend Media Temple. Based on our usage of Media Temple services, we consider Media Temple a reliable hosting provider of good uninterrupted quality. We cannot attest to modern day Godaddy services as we were with Godaddy in the early 2000’s and we had our share of issues with Godaddy back then. Media Temple stated that because of all the extensive changes Godaddy has done in recent years Godaddy is now a new company and does not even market itself the same as they used to anymore and did a completely new re-brand. We can understand from others who are on the fence about Media Temple because of Godaddy buying Media Temple, but hopefully our review here clears up all that misconception.

We have found the Grid from Media Temple to be highly reliable and more than acceptable hosting quality. We have not tested other plans from Media Temple but we would not hesitate to try their higher end services. In fact we have been discussing upgrading to a Media Temple VPS package in the near future just for the sake of getting even faster latency and to support more traffic but traffic has not been an issue with the Grid for us. We think Media Temple is a very good host and well worth its cost. We do not wish to switch providers anytime soon unless we experience a debilitating issue that customer service cannot resolve but let’s not jinx it.

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