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Rackspace is a web hosting company based out of Windcrest, Texas a suburb of San Antonio. They also have offices throughout the world. Rackspace became founded in 1998. Rackspace generated a reported $1.794 billion revenue in 2014. They provide Managed Cloud and Dedicated hosting and are marketed towards Business class as suited for E-businesses providing hosting for customers that are doing E-commerce. Rackspace truly has industry leading customer support staffing. Fortune magazine has consecutively ranked Rackspace as one of the top 100 best places to work since applying for consideration in 2008. In that same year, Rackspace opened for trading in the New York Stock Exchange now identified as “RAX”. Again in that same year of 2008, Rackspace expanded and bought out Jungle Disk and SliceHost. Rackspace has since made several new acquisitions. Rackspace initially began when Richard Yoo began an internet service provider from his garage in 1996 in San Antonio. Two other founding members and Richard Yoo attended Trinity University. As the company changed and grew they were more focused on application development for hosting but could not outsource their work so they decided to turn the company into a hosting company. Rackspace as a hosting company was first launched in 1998 with Richard Yoo as CEO. Today they are one of the top grossing web host providers in the world. Their success has not been limited to the US Market as they are now providing hosting services all over the world. In the United Kingdom, Rackspace made the list of “Great Place to Work” every year from 2004-2013 and made the Sunday Times best employers’ awards of some of those years. Rackspace Ltd of UK was 4th place in 2013 & 6th in 2014.

Our Rackspace Review: As Rackspace had done since the beginning they still innovating on the platform in which web hosting is done. Rackspace did not start off as a web hosting company but a company who wrote software for web hosting. Today they still write software true to their roots, but they remain more than just a hosting company in that they continue to innovate on enhancing hosting quality but also on the way Cloud and Dedicated servers are ran especially concerning data safety and security. Evidence of this is their OpenStack project released in 2010 under the Apache License called the OpenStack Object Storage component. Two years later, Rackspace released OpenStack Compute as the new platform for their Cloud Servers featuring an updated control panel and new improved services like virtual networking, server monitoring, and block storage. Rackspace offers more than providing great customer service but has a more extensive business approach based on history and customer acquisition, stats, surveys, and an employee reward system. If you’re an entrepreneur and are carefully studying your web host choices you should realize that Rackspace does go above and beyond. For instance they provide lots of helpful articles revealing strategies for success in the form of accessible studying materials not readily provided by other Web Hosts.

Rackspace Review of Pros & Cons

rackspace reviews and customer testimonialsRackspace is a really big hosting company as they have over 300,000 customers in 120 countries, but so are hosts like Bluehost, Godaddy, and HostGator. What is different with Rackspace is that they have reported “more than 3,000 Cloud engineers,” it’s their support and their better quality cloud infrastructure that is highly well managed and highly well supported that sets Rackspace apart from other hosts. Compare this to lesser known more startup style web hosting companies that don’t have the amount of staff, data centers, or infrastructure as Rackspace but come in at a cheaper price and so goes that old fashion saying, you get what you pay for. At a higher cost you get a better quality of hosing and really good support.

Rackspace Fanatical support is their most comprehensive support package that is the core of their services. It’s inclusive to every package not something that needs added on.

Rackspace Pros

  • Dedicated Services
  • Free Fanatical Support (with a staff exceeding 3,000)
  • A new control panel
  • Private cloud available
  • Public cloud available
  • Unmatched Scale-ability
Rackspace Cons

  • cost with exception of public cloud is high

Rackspace Review Summary

rackspace review summary
What’s unique about Rackspace hosting is how their API and control panel to their Intel Xeon powered servers is the same OpenStack control panel you will use. In this way they are basically synchronized together and hardware/software conflicts are probably less likely to occur. This is opposed to most other web hosts who use a proprietary platform or a different platform to run the servers totally separate from the control panel that their clients use. Although every plan comes with free Fanatical support, and Rackspace has an impressive support staff of over 3,000 employees, they have a couple Managed Operations plans which are add ons: SysOps and DevOps Automation. If you are going with Dedicated and have a huge site that you will need expert help with you will especially want to check into those. The pricing of Rackspace is not so black and white. When you look at the pricing it doesn’t give a monthly amount its based on how much it costs per hour which is no doubt a part of their “pay as you go” marketing play. Rackspace does cost more than your average host but it’s not ridiculously high priced either. Their lowest priced Public Cloud plan last time we checked came in at around 30 a month and they went up from there. The quality and amount of support that you get from Rackspace seems it should outweigh the higher than average costs for eBusiness professionals who need the best performing web hosting so their sites perform well with fantastic support on hand anytime. On the other hand for beginners or for web professionals who are hosting sites that aren’t generating a lot of traffic and maybe just a blog or two, you would be better off with a shared plan or WordPress plan from another provider like Flywheel or Media Temple just click our coupons from our homepage for directory of hosts. There is no doubt about who the target audience is for Rackspace and it’s for eBusiness professionals and supporting eCommerce sites of any size. This is not to say Rackspace only hosts those type of sites but we believe that’s likely their core group of customers based on observations of their marketing and the editorials and other literature Rackspace produces. We hope that our Rackspace Review has helped you make a more informed decision in choosing your next web hosting provider.

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