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Thank you for viewing our Site5 Hosting Review page. We hope you find this is the best Site5 Hosting Review out there. Site5 is a web hosting company that founded in 1999. Site5 is A+ rated by BBB. Accredited by BBB since 2009. Ben Welch-Bolen took over ownership in 2008 from the original owners of Site5 and he is currently CEO and co-owner of Site5 with Joel Brown. Ben Welch-Bolen was one of the first employees at HostGator and was promoted to VP while there.

Joel Brown is also Co-Owner of Site5 and President. Joel is in charge of software development and long term planning of Site5. Ben Welch-Bolen is also co-founder of WebPub and World Wide Web Hosting and President of Bweeb Inc. Other high ranking team members of Site5 are Tom Sepper Chief Operating Officer, Graham McMillan head of Technology Officer, Justin Mazzi Head Software Developer, Paul Carter who is Chief Marketing Officer, Vince Stratful, who is VP of R&D and Paul Stengel who is VP of Systems.

EIG acquired Site5 for a reported 23 million USD. In case you are confused because you see reports of EIG paying 36 million for Site5, what we have found is that Verio and Site5 were acquired at same time by EIG for a combined 36 million and 23 million of that was for Site5 while 13 million for Verio.

Site5 claims to have high-end servers with “50% less fat” meaning low number of customers on each server which is said in a handful of ways on their website. Site5 has competitive pricing particularly on their shared plans (find their Shared packages under their “web hosting” tab from homepage) which are the most popularly sold and utilized plans at Site5 though unmanaged VPS are also popular. The CEO has stated that the Site5 support team is well versed in WordPress and they give free themes at their S5Themes website.

In an effort to satisfy customers who need high performance and are looking to cut out unnecessary costs, a relatively new addition to Site5 is Unmanaged VPS which the CEO revealed was in the works back in 2013 and now there are plenty of cost saving fast performing and more capable Unmanaged VPS plans to choose from starting at just $25/month. When you click our Try Site5 box you are linked to their homepage. On their homepage point the mouse to other products to find their latest UVPS packages. When selecting Unmanaged VPS you get to choose your OS template as a version of CentOS, Debian, or Ubuntu.

Exclusive to VPS packages at Site5, including unmanaged VPS, you get console access, bandwidth and disk space usage statistics so you can monitor what your site actually requires to run it optimally, you are even in control to reinstall the operating system or do a full reboot/boot/shut down. Usually you don’t get these privileges unless you have Dedicated server but at Site5 you do. We further discuss Unmanaged VPS in our Site5 VPS Review page.

Server locations to choose from are:
US Central
US East
US West
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Paris, France
Singapore, Singapore
Hong Kong, China

They note that selecting non-Dallas server location will be minimum of additional 10% cost. They freely provide IP ping testing when choosing your servers location to ensure it works with minimal lag.

site5 hosting reviews

Site5 Hosting Review of Pros & Cons

site5 hosting reviews and customer testimonials
Site5 staff is not shy on voicing their input, answering questions of customers or announcing things people have comments or questions on whether positive, neutral or even negative complaints about Site5. So for those who look for that type of trait in choosing people to work with which is to say straight shooters like Ben himself the CEO at Site5 who always tell it like it is while being professional and sure to deliver a good answer, solution, or resolution, that’s inclusive with what you get with Site5.

Site5 claims to be staffed 100% remotely of 121 people around the world working from their homes. They have staff working from USA, Mexico, South America, Australia, Europe, India and several other countries and they do not outsource customer support.

Because they are staffed in this way, they state they are a greener company because of it. They also plant trees to give back to the environment natural and use DC cooling technology for less power consumption.

Because there is no office space to power, heat, cool, and create waste you have none of that and none of the emissions from workers who do not drive to and from work everyday which is not the case at other host providers. They are not the only host that operates this way, to have employees work from home but they are in the minority compared to other hosts who do have huge offices with hundreds or thousands of employees.

And now the pros and cons:

Site5 Hosting Pros

  • Choose server locations all over the globe
  • 24/7 support
  • Support is not outsourced
  • Green initiatives hosting company
  • EIG owned, Today Site5’s infrastructure is big. Our confidence is therefore increased in them.
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • Good server management practices
  • Low amount of clients per server
  • Affordable Pricing
Site5 Hosting Cons

  • No Dedicated plans
  • VPS has 15 Day money back guarantee 30 days less than shared packages.
  • As per originally done Site5 staff still reportedly work from home for the most part! Is this Good or Bad or does it not matter to you? You can decide.

Site5 Hosting Review Summary

site5 hosting review summary
So Site5 strikes us as a genuinely good web hosting company that although ownership changed hands the new owners run Site5 in a similar way as the old ones but of course always making improvements. Ben has stated that mistakes were made and they did their best to ensure the best hosting experience for Site5 Customers and continue to do so.

One thing we have found with Site5 is they have revealed a lot of information openly so one such as an experienced editor can form an opinion as to how they seem to be running their business without even subscribing to their services. They are obviously competitively priced as they must be in order to attract customers.

But low pricing aside, what seems most genuine about Site5 is their staff who work from home. That’s not particularly normal from a web hosting company to have staff work at home but it’s how they have always done it with the original owners and even now with new ownership and now that they are a huge web hosting company, that remains the same.

This is indicative that Site5 was built that way to be ran remotely and it’s in the DNA of the company. Customers who realize this that were unaware of it may have difficulty understanding it or may not particularly like it but honestly it probably will not effect customers in a negative way. Site5 has been running it that way always and they have everything they need to run their company successfully without coming together under one or multiple office buildings to work everyday.

Obviously data centers that are apart of Site5 will have their own on site staffing but most things are probably ran remotely by top administrators working at Site5. Apparently this has worked for them always and they have no reason to change it. Does it make Site5 different, yes. Will it effect customers probably not. Site5 should be another good one to suit the budget with nice low prices depending on your web hosting needs but if you need dedicated you will have to look elsewhere or consider a VPS plan.

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