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VPS.net is a Cloud VPS web hosting provider and domain registrar based in Providence, UT with 18 different data centers. VPS.net was launched in 2009 by UK2Group and began as a domain registrar before it became a hosting company. UK2Group is from London England established in 1998. UK2Group has served over 1 million customers by its 14 different brands. VPS.net has offices in Logan, Utah, London, England, Kochin, India, and L’viv, and Ukraine. VPS.net employs over 100 workers in four of these offices on a daily basis.

VPS.net has an extremely impressive 22 data centers all over the globe some with Tier 3 classification. In order for a data center to be classified Tier 3 it must meet or exceeds all Tier 2 requirements and have multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment. In addition all IT equipment must be dual-powered and fully compatible with the topology of a site’s architecture and be running concurrently maintainable site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.982% or better 1.5768 hours (or less time down) per 365 days. VPS.net from their website lists 13 data centers in North America with 11 of them located in USA and 2 in Canada. This is more data centers than any other web host we’ve reviewed including GoDaddy!

USA data centers by VPS.net according to their website are located in Los Angeles California, Miami Florida, New York City New York, San Jose California, Salt Lake City Utah, Seattle Washington, Atlanta Georgia, Chicago Illinois, Dallas Texas and Washington DC. Canadian Cloud Datacenters are located in Montreal and Toronto. Other International data centers serving VPS.net are located in Sao Paulo Brazil, London England, Manchester England, Europe, Haarlem Netherlands, Paris France, Frankfurt Germany, Asia, Tokyo Japan, Singapore, New Delhi India, and Sydney Australia. UK2 Group also expanded to Peru in 2011. However it is not known whether this includes VPS.net in any way since VPS.net does not list Peru.

VPS.net Review of Pros & Cons

vps net hosting reviews and customer testimonialsVPS.net used to be expensive. Now it has reduced its prices dramatically, no doubt to compete with industry average prices on web hosting. The best thing about it for the customer is these guys are all about VPS and always have been. In knowing what we do about VPS.net we would not hesitate to choose them as a new provider if we had a big or highly important site that will generate a lot of traffic.

VPS.net :

VPS.net Pros

  • New LOW pricing is shockingly low for Cloud VPS and comparable to SHARED prices!
  • 24 hr customer support by phone or live chat
  • VPS.net being exclusively Cloud VPS increases our confidence of high end and high performing servers without any shared resources being handled by the hosting provider
  • Astoundingly Impressive 22 Data Centers all over the globe! This seems unbelievable for VPS.net to have that many data centers but when we looked at UK2 Group the parent company for VPS.net this seems feasible for the large company Uk2 Group to support VPS.net to have such a broad infrastructure.
  • Used to be Very Pricey but have NEW low pricing. These guys have the infrastructure to provide top performing Cloud VPS without any shared servers.
VPS.net Cons

  • For some reason VPS.net is not as well known of a hosting company in the USA. This is probably due to the owners being from England and not being highly marketed in the USA. They have always done some online ads which we see from time to time but they are not as popular as some of the top USA web hosts. With their new insanely low pricing on the bottom 3 plans alone, one would think this move should change all that. These guys, VPS.net have everything we look for in choosing the best web host.

VPS.net Review Summary

vps net hosting review summary
When you need to do it big and you can afford the best of the best these guys at VPS.net top the short-list. Their pricing used to be much more than what it currently is for their entry level plans. Now they are much more affordable and competing even with shared hosting plans pricing it seems crazy. VPS.net has not only insanely awesome pricing but has the biggest infrastructure in terms of the amount of data centers ran on the hosting company out of the many web hosting providers that we have reviewed for you. In the world of heavily marketed web hosting for new customers, we consider this choice a very good one, a hidden gem that isn’t so mainstream of a choice for some reason from USA customers despite their enormous presence in the USA. We feel a lot of Americans will benefit in choosing VPS.net if we can get over how VPS.net is owned by a UK company.

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