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WPEngine is a WordPress only hosting company. As you guessed it, WordPress is what the W and the P stand for. For those who are looking for web hosting and you do not know what WordPress is, you cannot go with WPEngine. Why?

WPEngine is a WordPress only web hosting provider that made it impossible to upload a non-wordpress website. WPEngine only provides their hosting services for the web developers that are working on and publishing their websites from the WordPress platform. So if you use WordPress to create your websites you should consider WPEngine and continue reading our WPEngine Review.

One of their company slogans is “Do the Right Thing.” WPEngine has done marketing with this phrase and it appears that the over 300 employees see this up on the wall along with other slogans. This gives you a glimpse of what type of company that WPEngine is which is to say that apparently honesty is important at WPEngine. This is something that is obviously appealing to new customers checking into the inner workings at WPEngine.

Something that we found intriguing is how the founder of WPEngine, Jason Cohen has revealed a video comparing charts from compiled data in a two week period openly to the public. The charts were apparently showing them useful information in order to continue to increase customer acquisition rate. Perhaps other hosts do that sort of thing but do not openly disclose their logged charts, findings, and projected growth strategies publicly.

Different companies show charts and compile data behind closed doors and keep it private only for upper management to know and employees. There are those who want to know how WPEngine became so successful in such a short period of time being that they founded not too long ago in 2010 and quickly became a top-tier host and the largest WordPress Hosting company. Clearly they are guided by management who knows what they are doing to have such growth and success in that short of a period.

What is a typical hosting experience like at WPEngine? While this review is our WPEngine Review that discusses primarily the WPEngine hosting company as a whole, we will be touching on this topic. However for our review of WPEngine individual plans you must visit our other WPEngine Reviews from the pictured links provided.

The plan choices at WPEngine currently are: Personal, Professional, and Business. The custom plans available include “Premium” and “Enterprise Grade.” The low amount of plans to choose from simplifies the process of choosing your plan. What is evident is that the personal plan costs under 1/3 the Professional plan but you get only 1 install. This means you really can only have one WordPress website with the entry level plan. But with the plan you get a 25,000 visitor limit per month which is usually much more than a beginner will need.

With WPEngine your typical hosting experience should be better than any run of the mill shared hosting plan even though this comparison is apples to oranges. One great reasoning as to why WPEngine is optimized to run your WordPress site better than other providers is because when ran from WPEngine it’s managed and WordPress only. In other words there is not even one account that will be hogging server resources at WPEngine.

If you think about it those monstrous sites with large databases that are server hogs that you get with other providers on shared accounts are not typically WordPress created sites. When you consider this as fact, WPEngine is not being false at marketing rhetoric that your site will be more smoothly run. Your sites on WPEngine truly will be smoothly run or else they will attempt to resolve any conflicts until it does and you are completely satisfied with your service! It is part of their 60 day guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied WPEngine has one of the longest money back guarantees in web hosting. In case you wondered, no not all web hosting companies even offer refunds. Wiredtree for example has a clause that there are no money back refunds under any circumstances whatsoever. The length of time WPEngine allows money back is within 60 days after subscribing to the service. This is really impressive and should eliminate risk in case you are strongly considering WPEngine as your next hosting provider.

WPEngine or WP Engine Hosting company began in 2010 and already WPEngine has become the single most well known WordPress hosting company in existence. What are the primary advantages of going with WPEngine over any other host? In essence the answer is WP expert support and WP optimized performance.

Other hosts may not know how to answer your questions or resolve conflicts with your WordPress website and other hosts may leave you high and dry, basically saying I hope you can figure it out, while WPEngine will know how to resolve anything you throw at them and make resolutions in a timely fashion. Your frustrations with anything you are doing with WPEngine get handled rather than left unresolved and that may be well worth paying more for.

Good support is something like an insurance policy and you are indeed paying for good support with WPEngine. The prices are higher than competitors but the fact is that hosts that charge more in comparison to your low end hosting choices tend to be the better hosts to choose if you don’t want to run into problems. This is because they are the most reliable and have the highest customer satisfaction.

WP Engine was founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen who is now the CTO and the current CEO is Heather Brunner who was previously COO at Bazaarvoice. WPEngine is headquartered out of Austin Texas USA serving the world. Austin Texas is where WPEngine primary headquarters are and they have added offices in San Francisco, San Antonio, and London, England. Their data centers are in the United States, United Kingdom, and Japan.

Don’t let their founding date fool you as they have at least 313 employees and are serving more than 40,000 customers so WPEngine has grown at a rate much faster than typical web hosting companies. It would not have happened without very good hosting experiences from all its customers.

As far as WordPress Hosting goes WPEngine is the biggest Hosting provider that exists today and very well known, and also notably well branded and marketed. They have been honored with “best places to work in Austin” by the Austin Business Journal and other publications and from what we have seen have been very well received by the city of Austin since headquartering there in 2010 and providing jobs.

WPEngine Review of Pros & Cons

wpengine reviews and customer testimonialsWPEngine is basically your most name brand choice if you want a WordPress specific host that is optimized in every way to making sure your site runs top notched and is supported by WordPress experts at WPEngine. Their only minus would be their higher than average pricing but as they say you get what you pay for.

Apart from the high pricing and WordPress only, we cannot fault much of anything with WPEngine. They are obviously one of your best choices if you want a WordPress specific host and cannot be overlooked into.

WPEngine Pros

  • Based in Austin Texas
  • Good Company-Employee Philosophies
  • Big Company – Large number of Employees

WPEngine Cons

  • WordPress Only
  • High Price

WPEngine Review Summary

wpengine review summary
There are not many hosts that are WordPress specific and WPEngine is clearly the most well known and largest one to choose from. Their prices are a bit high but the customer satisfaction seems to be fairly high with WPEngine which is not surprising considering they have to be satisfying their customers for where they got to in such a short period of time.

WPEngine started in 2010 and most hosts that are that young are not anywhere near that big yet. WPEngine has marketed and branded itself so well that they grew at a much faster rate than most other web hosts. That’s impressive. WPEngine cannot be overlooked if you need WordPress hosting. However when it comes to cost, the Personal plan is really the only plan in the realm of possible for most startup companies. It’s just a fact that most startups are not going to sign up for paying near 100 a month.

So they are appealing more toward business professionals that need the best of the best WordPress hosting that aren’t being shared with other customers using resources for their server hogging sites. The Personal plan does make it possible for the startup business to afford it but you get 1 install only meaning one site only so hopefully that will be all you need should you go with it.

In summary, if you want probably the best possible WordPress host choose WPEngine. WPEngine is not the only WordPress specific Hosting provider out of the USA and serving the world. Please see our coupon directory from our homepage for seeing more choices.

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